Writers & Editorial Staff Wanted!

People Writing A Resume To Apply Job Vacancy

Hello readers! I’m Sarah, and I’m the founder and editorial director of Reflect & Refresh. Before I dive into the core nature of this post, I want to say a couple of things.

First off, I want to thank every one of you for visiting and reading our posts daily and loyally. We love you guys!

Second, I’d like to proudly inform you that we are working with May Designs to create and sell some awesome health and fitness journals/notebooks. It’s still in the early stages, so I’m hoping to have them available for purchase by the summer or in the beginning of fall.

All About the Open Positions

We are looking for writers and editorial staff (editors and social media) to join our team! Unfortunately, at this time, all positions are unpaid, but you can work from anywhere and you do get perks in terms of receiving any complimentary gifts throughout your stay.

We embrace diversity and welcome people from all stages of life! I believe that whether you’re married, single, young, or old, that everyone from every stage of life has some insight to bring to the table.

Because Reflect & Refresh is a website focused around overall wellness, we’re looking for people who have experience in writing and editing, but also for those who want an overall healthy lifestyle as well.

Responsibilities: Pitch story ideas monthly, write stories and submit by deadline, and promote published pieces on personal/business social media pages

Qualifications: Blogging or writing experience strongly preferred, or an expertise in a specific field (physical health, mental health, relationships, or any of what we cover), passionate to really help others and speak the truth with/in love, and believe in our mission/vision

Application: Resume, Cover Letter (make it unique to you), and writing samples (for writing position) addressed to Sarah Yu (sarah.yu@reflectandrefresh.org), with the subject line: POSITION, FULL NAME

If you have any questions at all, leave a comment below or email me at the given email address listed above. I look forward to seeing and meeting you guys, for all those who want to join our tight-knit and awesome team! 🙂

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