Decorating Your Living Space to Be More Uplifting

White living room with sofa and bookcase

Our rooms and houses are living spaces that are safe to individualize. For me, individualizing means making it a positive and calming environment.

It’s wonderful to have an uplifting environment to wake up to, to brighten your evening after your busy day, and just to have some calming down-time in.

Here are things you can add so you can turn your living space into a positive and soothing area.

#1. Plants

Beautiful spring flowers in vase on home interior backgroundSource

One way to create a more positive environment in your space is to buy live plants.

Buy some seasonal flowers and place them by a window in your home, or if you’ve got a brown thumb, a small bamboo plant that simply needs watering will suffice.

Having these green plants or colorful flowers will brighten up your living space, and knowing you have to tend to these plants adds a small sense of purpose to your life.

If you’re still not convinced, plants in the home are proven to increase air quality, reduce anxiety and depression, reduce chances of catching the cold, and increase productivity.

Plants will add a sense of life and nature into your home, and if you’ve chosen flowers, will also provide a pleasant fragrance.

#2. Pets

Happy little orange havanese puppy dog is sitting in the grassSource

The same principles that apply to plant ownership regarding responsibility and sense of purpose in the home apply to pets as well.

Studies show that pets will decrease depression, anxiety, lower blood pressure, and reduce your risk of heart attack.

If you have children and are worried about pet allergies, studies also show that exposure to pets early on in life actually reduces the risk of allergies later on in life.

There’s nothing that the unconditional love and the many hairs of your pet to create a positive environment in the home.

#3. Visuals

Picture frame and flowers on a dresser in a contemporary bedroomSource

Another great way to improve your room or home is by choosing positive decorations.

One example of this is through the use of posters. In my room, there are posters of Buddha, Audrey Hepburn, a smiling Albert Einstein on a bicycle, and a map of the world.

Seeing people you admire or places you want to go will give your day a positive boost and increase your productivity.

Pictures will do the same thing, and hanging or framing pictures of your smiling family or friends will remind you of the people who love and care about you.

#4. Decorations

Five Traditional Russian Matryoshka DollsSource

My favorite things to have around the home are tchotchkes, or “knick-knacks”.

I think that things that serve no immediate purpose in the home other than to amuse are wonderful inventions.

In my home, there are many whimsical objects ranging from cat coffee mugs to ceramic owls, all of which make a fun and positive environment for me.

Many people think that these items are useless and serve no purpose, but I feel that investing in a more positive environment is worth the money.

Featured Image: Bigstock

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