Maintaining Positivity in the Workplace


Co-existing with professionals in the workplace is a rollercoaster ride. Some days fill you with joy; other days fill you with anger.

No matter what the vibe may be, it’s important to maintain positively in the workplace. It’s not an overnight process, but these tips will help you gradually turn it into one.

#1. Avoid negativity.

Begin by avoiding negative stressors. You know the characteristics: the highly opinionated, the instigator, the gossiper, the backstabber, the complainer, the beggar, and so on.

You know which employees cover those characteristics. Leave those people behind and invest in new co-working friends.

If everyone at work has those characteristics, avoid all interactions. The exception is when you’re doing a team project where the task has superior importance to office gossip.

#2. Think before responding.

Negativity breeds more negativity. Never engage in sarcasm, mood swings, and mean-spirited behavior. It feels good now, but it actually creates more tension in the work environment.

If you must respond, breathe first. Cool heated emotions and let cooler heads prevail. Give them a positive, honest and clever response.

#3. Reflect on your actions.

Along with the previous advice, reflect on your attitude toward co-workers. How do you start and end a conversation? If they act negatively toward you, maybe you are the problem.

Here’s a solution: consider being gracious. Ask questions and for assistance in a positive manner. Compliment someone if they’re excelling at their job and express your appreciation to the workers for coming to work.

The positive energy will resonate across the company.

#4. Remove past animosity and future worry.

The past has a nasty habit of skewing present and future aspirations. We think we know how the story ends because we lived it.

However, the ending can change, and the prejudice may cost us employee relationships or get us fired. The past is holding you back, so let it go.

Likewise, worrying about future events is a waste of time and energy. Although it’s not our vision, the future works itself out. Let it go. Focus your energy on this moment.

#5. Recharge yourself.

Sometimes two days off to recharge batteries is insufficient. Leaving the job doesn’t mean it doesn’t come home with us. In that case, consider recharging yourself more often.

Spas, staycations, and leisure are like mini-rewards for being you. At work, become the rechargeable battery.

Forget the Debbie Downers at work and be your awesome self. Smile, laugh, celebrate, and get excited about work.

Get excited by finding the positive. Spread acts of kindness to people you love and trust.

#6. Volunteer your time.

Doing acts of kindness during your lunch break, before arriving to work, and after leaving work encourage you to press forward.

Since there’s an assortment of organizations, choose a cause that you believe in, and then find a charity you support.

Giving into anger turns the workplace into a miserable experience. You can’t go wrong when you start and finish the day positive.

When you inject positive energy in the workplace, the day goes smoothly. Workers aren’t as mean, productivity improves, and your confidence grows.

Choose to become a positive person, and the effects will change your outlook on life.

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