Best Places for an Early Fall Vacation


Fall is a great, and it is often an underestimated time to travel. Prices are on the decline from the summer surge and tickets aren’t as expensive as they are around the holidays.

If you’re looking to take a fall vacation, here are five places, near and far, where the lines are shorter, the temperatures are better, and the views are at their prime during this season.

#1. The Adirondacks

Fall is epitomized in Adirondacks. Located in upstate New York, the small towns in the mountain range are home to local bed and breakfasts’, a host of fall festivals, and attractions such as apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and corn mazes.

They are also surrounded by trees and are at the height of their colorful splendor. Pick a regional city like Chestertown or Indian Lake and prepare for the most idyllic fall experience you can find.

#2. Paris

Paris is always a good idea, but especially so during the fall. During the summer, lines are often at their longest, and prices at their highest, so it can be impossible to find a hotel room or make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

But after the turn of the season, this often reverses. As temperatures cool, so does the mad rush for the Parisian experience. Go now and get an unobstructed view of the Mona Lisa, the front table at the street café, and get a hotel room within walking distance of everything.

Take a walk along the Seine this fall and watch one of the most beautiful cities in the world turn orange and red.

#3. Munich

Munich is best known as the home of Oktoberfest, the sixteen-day long festival full of beer, filling German food, and carnivals. But if Oktoberfest isn’t your cup of tea, the quaint city has so much more to offer.

Nestled right at the foot of the color-changing Bavarian Alps, the provincial city has tons of parks, castles and museums to explore. So grab a warm apple cider and wander through the tree-filled Englischer Garden when prices in this scenic city are at their lowest.

#4. Yellowstone National Park

During the preceding summer months, much like Paris, Yellowstone is packed to the brim with camera-toting tourists. But come visit during the fall and watch the mountainous park change from green to orange without hundreds of selfie sticks blocking the view.

With fewer people in their home, the animals tend to be more active as well, and the slight drop in temperature will really make the season change feel all the more wonderful.

#5. Chicago

The Windy City is the best place for fall wandering and shopping. The toe-freezing winter temperatures haven’t made their appearance yet in the early fall months, but hotels and airline companies are slashing their prices already in preparation for the winter tourism dip.

Test out your new fall jacket as you shop down the Magnificent Mile, relax in Millennium Park, or play on Navy Pier. A fall vacation here will have you returning to your every day life excited and invigorated for the season, with an iPhone full of beautiful foliage pictures.

Image: iStock

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