The Proper Way to Handle a Pimple


When I was growing up and going through puberty, I had no idea how important acne really was. Out of nowhere, an ugly pimple would pop up and seem to ruin my life.

I always thought that it was okay to pop a pimple but what I ended up getting was a face full of dark spots that took forever to go away and it made me want to say “SAYONARA” to the rest of my school years.

As I grew older and got wiser on how to handle my acne prone skin, it was a little too late, as I felt I had already messed up my “good face” due to my lack of knowledge.

But as life would have it, all that knowledge didn’t go to waste as I now have a daughter who’s in the 7th grade and she is experiencing the same issues as I did when I was her age.

While my puberty years were not the best, I can now make her school years her best years.

Maybe you have a daughter, son, niece, nephew or friend who may be dealing with the embarrassment of pimples.

Listed below are a few simple things that I’ve learned that hopefully will lead to a ‘good’ experience for everyone.

#1. Clean, Clean, Clean

The best gift you can give your face every day is to keep it clean. It’s a good practice during puberty and beyond to wash your face day and night.

This keeps germs at bay and allows all the accumulated dirt and/or make-up from the day to be cleaned off using a light or sensitive skin cleanser.

#2. Astringents too Harmful? Try Witch Hazel.

I used to love astringents and I thought they were the best things. But what I came to realize is that astringents aren’t for every face type and because it contains mostly alcohol, it dried out my face. So I tried witch hazel, which doesn’t contain alcohol, and it gets the job done without the harmful side effects.

#3. If all else fails, pop it the right way.

“Don’t use your fingers!” Most of the germs we accumulate throughout the day are on your hands and under your fingernails.

If you pop the pimple, then you’re not only getting those germs on your face, but it will cause dark spots to form later on.

So, instead of using your fingers, put a little witch hazel on a cotton ball and pop it. This keeps your fingers from touching your face and reduces the risk of unwanted spots.

#4. Monitor your nutrition, exercise and water intake.

Eating right is a major part of our everyday living, and while fried, greasy or salty foods are okay sometimes, it can be harmful to your body, especially to your face. As much as possible, opt for healthier choices such as veggies, fruit and whole grains.

Drink plenty of water and stay away from sugary beverages as sugar is a breeding ground for your pores and exercise. If you give your body the right tools, it will definitely do right by you.

#5. When all else fails, see a dermatologist.

Sometimes, you could be doing all the right things and not be able to control acne. That’s when it’s time to see the dermatologist.

They have a way of determining what’s going on and can prescribe you the correct type of medication and the right dosage that can help you have the best skin while puberty is moving in.

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