When To Cut Ties With a Friend

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must decide if a friendship is worth fighting for. A lot of people stay friends for the wrong reasons.

The main reason however? History.

You should never stay friends with someone purely because you have history together. Just like people in unhealthy relationships shouldn’t stay together solely because they possess a long history.

Every meaningful relationship has the potential to reach the tipping point. Does that mean you are always forced to work things out and continue to maintain your relationship? Not if it is toxic.

These are the five signs you know it is time to break up with a fellow friend.

1. They bring you down instead of boosting you up.

A toxic friendship is one that possesses envy. Jealous friends are the type of people who will always try to knock you down a peg.

Genuine friends, however, should serve as a support system and always encourage—not kick—you when you’re feeling down.

Additionally, a sincere friend will be genuinely happy for you when good opportunities occur as opposed to having a negative attitude.

2. The friendship is one-sided.

If you find yourself putting in all the effort in your friendship, then it is one-sided. Skewed reciprocation can convey a lot about how much a person prioritizes your relationship.

Sometimes, people will only see or talk to you when it’s most convenient for them. So it is best to get rid of this person in your life and separate your honest friendships from the one-sided ones.

 3. You keep secrets rather than spilling them.

They’ve gone from the first person you call to the last person who hears about what’s going on in your life. A close friend is someone you typically spill your secrets to. Not only that, but a sincere friend is somebody you are constantly updating on current events in your life.

If you suddenly have no urge to inform them of exciting news or serious matters, then you’re either not as comfortable confiding in them or simply don’t care to.

4. They don’t respect you or your beliefs.

If your friend consistently opposes your outlook of things without attempting to understand your position, then you lack healthy communication.

It’s common for friends to drift apart if they start attaining different moral values. You don’t have to agree on everything, but you should certainly have a mutual respect for each other’s opinions.

5. You are no longer eager to spend time with them.

At one point, you couldn’t bear to be apart for more than a couple days but now, this is the last friend you care to hang around.

Whether it’s because you are bored out of your mind when you’re together or your hangouts always result in bickering, there is a reason you’re not enthusiastic about seeing them.


Friends come and go, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cherish the memories you have and the lessons you’ve learned from them.

Image: iStock

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