Coping With Your Quarter Life Crisis

With each passing year, young adults become more and more frustrated with the fact that they are growing older. Birthdays seem to be feared rather than being looked forward to.

The responsibilities of being an adult along with physical aging takes a big toll on millennials.

No doubt many of us regret the days where we didn’t have to deal with expenses—a time where we truly didn’t realize how easy we had it.

At one point, you felt ready to take on adulthood, because you wanted the freedom that came with it. But as you dive deeper into maturity, you may wish you could rewind time.

Rather than dwelling on the negative, focus on the positives of getting older. Here are a few benefits to think about when you are going through your quarter-life crisis.

1. You have more independence.

Of course, once you hit 18, you’re identified as an adult by the government.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean total freedom falls into your lap, especially if you still live with your parents.

Sure, we all enjoy having our parents take care of us from time to time, but fully depending on your guardians always comes with a price.

The older you get, the more financially stable you become and once you’ve acquired enough to buy a car and move out on your own, you have reached a state of independence.

In other words, complete bliss.

2. Another year older, means another year wiser.

Everyone gains wisdom as they age no matter how they live their life because everyday is a learning experience.

The people you encounter and the situations you experience each moment of your life have the potential to somehow shape your character.

Every life experience broadens your perspective of the world around you. As American author Mitch Albom once wrote, “Aging is not just decay… it’s growth.”

3. Your life goals become clearer.

It’s rare for one to know exactly who they want to be and how they want to live their life the moment they hit adulthood.

One of the primary reasons being a young adult is so overwhelming is because it’s the most confusing time in our lives.

You believe adolescence is the most stressful time of your life until you realize that the moment you graduate high school, you are no longer coddled.

4. You know what you’re looking for in relationships.

The younger you are, the more likely you are to easily allow people to enter your life—people that might not have your best interest at heart.

Once people get older, however, they tend to have an overall better judgement toward those they come in contact with.

Most of us would take two genuine friends over ten unreliable friends any day. Simultaneously, we all want to experience sincere romantic partnerships as opposed to toxic ones.

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