5 Reasons Everyone Should Consider Therapy


We are all aware of the stigma that surrounds therapy.

Although this type of treatment isn’t nearly as looked down upon as it once was, many remain apprehensive to get help.

While some argue that therapy is pointless, others claim they don’t need to seek out a stranger’s help to solve their problems, which happens to be a common misconception about counseling.

As someone who has willingly opted to try therapy, I am here to argue why everyone should give it a try. Additionally, I will point out a couple misconceptions about therapy.

1. Stress will always be present in your life.

Some handle stress better than others, but regardless, everyone experiences moments where hopelessness settles in because the pressure is too much one can take.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for people to drown their anxiety in unhealthy habits—specifically, substance abuse.

Therapy doesn’t provide a temporary euphoria, but it provides something better: clarity.

2. Therapy tackles personal angst and results in a stronger state of mind.

Counseling won’t completely cure you, but it will certainly alleviate tension you might be experiencing.

Furthermore, therapists are skilled at piecing things together in your life and presenting potential reasons you think and/or act as you do.

Whether you go to one session or a 100, every meeting you attend is a step toward progression. You’re guaranteed to walk away a little more clear-minded with your own sense of self. I know I did.

3. Talking with a stranger can be refreshing.

Sometimes confiding in those closest to us may prove unhelpful.

You might wonder if they’re giving you their complete honest opinion or merely appeasing your feelings. Some ultimately disregard their friends’ or S.O.’s opinions because they are considered biased.

One of the perks to speaking with a therapist is that their feedback is unbiased, since they don’t know you personally.

You also might be hesitant to share certain things with certain people because you fear their judgement.

However, therapists will not give any indication that they’re looking down on you. Their job is to simply question you so they can help you reach some sort of conclusion.

Lastly, if you feel like you’ve overwhelmed your friends and/or S.O. with your problems, then you might want to consider a therapy session. Counselors are paid to have you talk their ears off after all.

4. Therapists do not tell you what to do and how to think.

In other words, they’re not problem solvers. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about therapy. The last thing therapists are trying to do is make your decisions for you.

Don’t let this keep you from giving counseling a try. Although they won’t tell you exactly what to do, you’d be surprised how they can guide you to the answers you are seeking.

5. Therapy is not always expensive.

In fact, sometimes it can be free.

When I was going to community college, my boyfriend informed me that each semester, students are provided six free counseling sessions.

I couldn’t be more grateful that he urged me to give it a try. Those sessions positively changed my outlook on life and all my friends could see my transition.

Many schools and companies offer counseling for free if you’re a student or employee so be sure to consider what you can take advantage of.

In addition, many therapists are willing to provide sliding scale fees based on your income so money doesn’t have to be an issue.

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