10 Beaches You Can Drive To in New York & New Jersey

iStock-4749667711. Montauk, NY

Montauk is located at the very end of Long Island and I’ll admit it is a hike to get to if you’re not from the Island.

However, every part of the trek is worth it once you stand at the end of the world and look over the gaping ocean from Montauk’s picturesque lighthouse.

2. Robert Moses, NY

If you’re looking for a quiet daytime getaway Robert Moses State Park is the perfect place. It’s the go-to beach for many Eastern Long Island natives and doesn’t get too crowded.

The beach is not lined with large hotels or restaurants, but it is perfect for relaxing in a lounge chair with a book and your toes in the sand.

3. Jones Beach, NY

Jones Beach not only has miles and miles of sand and ocean, but it also has the Nikon Theater, which is an outdoor amphitheater with views of the bay during popular concerts. It’s a great place to hang out on the beach before pre-concert tailgating.

4. Cape May, NJ

Cape May is one of the most unique beach towns I’ve ever seen because of its rows and rows of charming and historic Victorian-style houses lining the beach.

There are hotels and restaurants everywhere, but it truly feels like you’ve stepped back in time due to the architecture of each building.

5. Atlantic City, NJ

Atlantic City is notorious for its wild party scene and casinos, but it also has one of the world’s most famous boardwalks and miles of beaches with bars and restaurants practically right on the sand.

It’s perfect for a relaxing day on the beach and an exciting night out with friends.

6. Ocean City, NJ

This is a beach that truly makes you feel like you’re on vacation. It has streets filled with unique beach house rentals, all leading to a beautiful stretch of beach.

A boardwalk with fun shops and arcades lines the beach making it a great family-friendly vacation spot.

7. Long Beach, NY

This beach was torn apart by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, but it is so treasured by locals that they raised an estimated $42 million to rebuild it.

Located in Nassau County less than an hour train ride from NYC, this beach houses a brand new boardwalk ideal for walks and bike rides along the Atlantic Ocean.

8. Wildwood, NJ

Located in Southern New Jersey, just a few miles north of Cape May is this popular vacation spot for many New Yorkers and Jersey natives.

Between the beach, amusement park rides, waterparks and restaurants, there is always something exciting and fun to do in Wildwood.

9. Sailor’s Haven, NY

A hidden gem of Long Island, Sailor’s Haven requires a ferry to get to and from the South shore town of Sayville.

Sailor’s Haven is a beach of Fire Island, which is a skinny barrier island that prohibits cars from being driven. There aren’t even any roads.

Sailor’s Haven is the perfect destination for a quiet day on the beach without the interruption of a heavy population or every day noise pollution from cars.

It even has a guided nature walk for when you need a break from the sun.

10. Cupsogue, NY

The beach of Cupsogue calls Westhampton its home.

Located toward the end of Long Island, this beach has a fun beach hut where you can sip on a margarita while relaxing at the beach.

In order to get to the beach, you have to drive down Dune Road, which is lined by magnificent vacation mansions to gaze at on your way.

Image: iStock

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