The Benefits of Taking a Break


Many people dread the word “break” in a relationship.

I was watching an episode of “Girl Code” once and will never forget when one of the comedians said that taking a break is just the appetizer to breaking up.

She claimed they don’t work and will ultimately lead to heartbreak. While this can definitely happen in some cases, and it did happen to my own relationship, there are a lot of positive things that can come out of taking a break from your relationship.

Here are a few I realized after looking back.

1. You have a chance to miss each other.

Being on a break is essentially like breaking up for a little while.

Depending on the rules you and your S.O. set out beforehand, you usually do not talk as much as you did or see each other while on the break and you can really learn to appreciate the other person.

In a long-term relationship, it’s easy to forget just how much your S.O. does for you, and having that taken away for a while can make you realize that.

2. You learn to be independent.

When you don’t have that person to constantly lean on when you have a bad day or tell your most exciting news to, you learn how to support yourself and even pat yourself on the back because you don’t have someone there to do it for you.

I think a lot of people get used to having that in a long-term relationship, and having that rock taken away for a little while can actually show you just how strong you are standing on your own.

3. You can explore other people and relationships.

Again, depending on the restrictions you and your partner set in place for the break, this allows you to go out and meet other people you might have never come across if you were constantly worried about your S.O.

Whether this leads to the person you’re truly destined to be with or just a few new friends, taking a break can definitely lead to some new adventures and relationships that you might never have found.

4. You have more time to spend with your friends.

It’s very easy to get settled in a routine with your long-term partner in which you push your friends to the side a bit.

Being on a break allows you to make up for a lot of that lost time and spend quality time with the people that are always there for you.

5. You know that you still have someone there for you no matter what.

This one also depends on the terms of the break, but I always knew that I had my S.O. to fall back on if I really needed him and I could call off the break at any time and we would work it out.

Most people go on breaks because there’s something wrong in their relationships but they don’t want to commit to a breakup, and they just need space and will be more than happy to be there for you when you need them.

6. You learn about yourself.

This is probably the most important thing about being away from your S.O. Taking a break gives you a lot of freedom to explore yourself and figure out who you are without another personality to bounce off of and influence your own.

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