How to Incorporate Healthy Habits Daily

We’ve all made the typical “get fit” New Year’s Resolution and promptly forgotten about it a month later. It’s not easy to find the motivation to get healthy because it’s time consuming, physically draining, and can even get expensive.

Luckily, there are ways to start a healthy lifestyle that can be easily incorporated in daily life.

1. Find a fun water bottle.

One of the easiest ways to start “getting healthy” is to drink more water and less caffeine or sugary beverages. However, drinking water is, quite frankly, boring. Spice it up a little with a water bottle that speaks to you!

Maybe it has a neat design on it, or maybe there’s an inspirational quote. Anything to catch your eye and remind you to reach for the water bottle instead of the soda machine.

Some water bottles, like this one from Amazon, have time markings on them to help remind you to drink water throughout the day.

2. Track your steps.

It may not sound fun but keeping track of how much you’ve moved in a day is good motivation to keep moving. Find a less expensive fitness tracker like this one and set up a goal for yourself to hit each day. I didn’t realize how little I walked throughout the day until I started tracking my steps.

Personally, I am very competitive. Seeing that I wasn’t achieving my goal pushed me to take extra walks with friends, to choose the stairs instead of the elevator, and to even park further away from the entrances to stores just to hit my step count for the day.

It’s a satisfying feeling to meet the goal you set for yourself!

3. Find an app that works for you.

There is a plethora of fitness apps in the electronic world and finding one that’s right for you may seem impossible. But, there’s one out there; it just takes some trial and error to find it! I found an app called Seven that’s been working well for me.

Each day you do a workout routine that’s only seven minutes long and doesn’t require any kind of fitness equipment. It’s perfect for me because I live in a very small apartment and have no desire to work out in a public place.

There are plenty to choose from as I’ve found, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few downloads!

4. Do a little research.

We all know the scene: you’re running late for work and you don’t have time to make yourself a lunch, leaving you to scramble to the nearest fast-food restaurant to get you through the rest of the day. I’ve done it countless times!

Instead of defaulting to the nearest restaurant, do a little bit of research and find out which places have healthier options.

Find a place that isn’t carb-heavy and that has more protein and veggies to choose from. If you only have a Subway around, choose whole wheat bread instead of Italian, and spinach instead of lettuce!

Finding some good substitutions for your everyday meals is an easy way to healthy-up your day.

5. Find a motivation buddy.

Friends help with everything! Find someone who wants to start a healthy journey just like you, or maybe even someone who’s already on one.

You don’t have to work out with this person at 5:00 am every day, but you have this friend to support and motivate you while you’re on your own journey.

When you hit a goal send them an excited emoji and they’ll send you one back! If you’re struggling, ask for some help and they’ll give you uplifting words and motivation. We don’t have to go through our healthy life journey alone!


From a water bottle to a fitness tracker, it’s easy to find small ways to start up a healthy lifestyle. It can be as simple as choosing fruit over bread at your local Panera, or as monumental as signing up for a yoga class with a friend. How ever you choose to do it, you’re doing it, and that’s what matters.


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