Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine

It doesn’t take a morning person for the early hours of the day to be productive and peaceful.

Even if the sound of your alarm is the most dreaded sound you’ll hear all day and you can’t imagine a world where you begin your day refreshed, a few small changes in your morning routine can pave the way to a more peaceful tomorrow…morning.

1. It all begins the night before.

Setting your clothes out the night before prevents you from being faced with a tough decision when you roll out of bed. This tip is especially for those whose daily plague is choosing that sweet spot of comfort, compliance with dress code, and style. Get the dirty work done the night before and your first decision in the morning won’t be such a stressful one!

2. Set the positive mood.

If you live with other people, make it a household rule that there is no negativity allowed before 8am. You don’t have to be overly cheerful, because we all know that can be nearly impossible right out of bed, but the absence of complaints and negative energy can change the whole mood of the morning.

3. Savor your morning cup of coffee in silence.

Set the alarm just a few minutes earlier to give yourself a much-needed 15 minutes of solitude and preparation for a busy day. If the weather allows, crack a window open and let the sun stream through or, better yet, take your morning meditation outside.

Try to resist thinking about anything stressful and just focus on the warm coffee in your hands and the moment that you’re in. Practicing presence early in the day will set you up for a day of mindfulness!

4. Resist the urge to look at your phone as you’re getting ready.

Instead, enjoy the process of showering, putting on makeup, styling your hair, and beautifying yourself for the day. Think of it as a chance to pamper yourself each and every morning, and savor each moment without the distraction of your phone. Your routine can be a beautiful time of self-care to start the day if you don’t rush through it or get drawn aside by your phone!

5. Spill your thoughts in your journal before the stress of the day banishes them from your mind.

I saved the best for last, because I’m convinced that this is the best-kept tip on the Web. Journaling has changed everything about my mornings.

I work this step into my quiet coffee time, but you could try it listening to soothing music or even while the coffee is brewing.

Whatever your thoughts are in the early morning light, whatever your dreams were the night before, or whatever the world is speaking to you before it is fully awake, write it down. Don’t filter, don’t accessorize, and don’t doubt. Just write.

There’s something soul-cleansing about the process, and incredibly beautiful about going back and reading a year’s worth of early morning, unfiltered thoughts.


Every morning is a gift, so treat them like one. When your alarm goes off tomorrow, resist the urge to groan, snooze, or bury your head in the pillow. Remember that your clothes are set out, your coffee is waiting, and a whole day of positivity and possibility is before you.


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