Making the Best of Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine


Taking care of your skin is one of the easiest forms of self-care and is also a great routine to get into before bed!

Taking some time to do something healthy for yourself before hitting the hay is a fantastic way to keep up with your physical, emotional and mental health!

Here are some tips to ensure that your nighttime skincare routine is benefiting all aspects of your health!

Order of Operations

I’m not talking about PEMDAS, I’m talking about skincare products. One of the easiest ways to make sure that your products are doing their best work for your skin is to use them in the proper order.

Here’s a rundown of how you can use your products wisely Feel free to skip anything that isn’t in your normal nighttime routine!

1. Cleanser

The first step in your nightly skincare routine may seem obvious; start off by cleansing your face! You can do this by using a gentle cleanser and cotton pads, cleansing wipes, or some other variation of a cleansing product. Doing so allows you a fresh start to use the rest of the products in your routine without dirt and sweat (ew) getting in the way!

2. Toner

Toner does many great things for your skin such as minimizing pores, restoring your skin’s pH balance, moisturize and refresh your skin. It is commonly used for people with oily or acne-prone skin (note restoring pH balance) or people who use makeup and want an extra step for cleansing. It’s overall a nice product to add to your routine!

3. Spot Treatments

Another great step for anyone who is prone to acne or blemishes. Using a spot treatment on a pesky pimple can help minimize it overnight, and after using cleanser and toner it’s ready to be treated. Clearing away all the extra dirt from the blemish allows the spot treatment to do its work!

4. Serum

There are plenty of different types of serums: Anti-aging, skin brightening, acne fighting, hydrating, exfoliating, even reparative and renewing serums. If any of these interests you, using them after spot treatments is the best way to apply them.

Be sure to let the spot treatment sink in to your skin before applying a serum as well as leaving time for the serum to sink in after application. You don’t want to mix together products, otherwise they can’t do their jobs properly!

5. Eye Cream

After waiting for the serum to absorb into your skin, grab some eye cream! You normally only need just a little bit of this product for under your eyes, so be aware of how much you put on your finger.

There are eye creams for dark circles, wrinkles and brightening your under eyes. I find that patting the product in rather than rubbing causes less irritation on this sensitive part of your face.

6. Moisturizer, Night Cream or Face Oil

The last step should always be moisturizing your face, no matter what type of product you use! You did strip away some of your skin’s natural oils with that cleanser (and toner), so be sure to give back with a product that moisturizes. Let that absorb into your skin before laying down on your pillow to allow for maximum moisturizing!

Your Skin and You

It’s one thing to use your products in the correct order, it’s another to use the correct products for your skin!

Take some time to figure out which products are right for you: is your skin oily or dry? Is it sensitive? Are there ingredients in products that can cause breakouts or undesirable side effects?

Do a little bit of research to select the best products for your skin! Keep in mind; expensive doesn’t always mean better.

I use a generic brand cleanser that does the job just as well as something that costs 3x as much!

Figuring out the most beneficial products for you is a great way to get in touch with yourself and taking time at the end of the day away from screens and stress helps to calm you down and get ready for a refreshing sleep.

The last 20 minutes of the day are just for you, so make the most of it with your skincare routine!


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