How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

Let’s face it; social media has become a huge part of most of our lives.

It has totally redefined how we communicate, navigate relationships, and earn money. Its attraction is undeniable and its ability to constantly feel connected and be informed can be consuming.

While there are a myriad of benefits, there are a few drawbacks to social media. Much like anything else, maintaining a balance while using social media is imperative for a rewarding and productive experience.

Everyone’s relationship with social media differs, and it is important to be conscious of your habits. There are general practices that can be helpful in curating a healthy relationship with social media for all of us.

1. Be intentional.

First, know why you are using social media. Having a clear intention can be extremely helpful with productivity. It’s possible to log on with the intention to send a business-related message, but soon finding yourself on your favorite meme page for an hour. Instead of aimlessly browsing, set clear goals for why you are logging on to begin with.

2. Follow empowering accounts.

Create a space for yourself that nurtures growth. We spend hours during the day browsing our timelines viewing messages and images that are both consciously and subconsciously feeding us. Take the initiative to curate a timeline that develops you.

Following self-help pages, motivational pages, or pages related to a career you’re interested in, can provide valuable information you would not have found otherwise.

3. Unfollow accounts that promote negative messages.

It is our duty to ensure that we are exposed to the best and lessen our interactions with harmful messages. With that said, it is also important to unfollow toxic pages. Mute the negativity.

Just as you would protect yourself in the real world, the same effort should be applied to social media. Tabloids are a great example of this; they can be entertaining, but they consume your time and offer no real substance.

4. Limit your time on them.

Time management is one of the greatest ways in which we can build a healthy relationship with social media. Speaking from experience, I have felt overwhelmed with particular apps on numerous occasions.

Stipulating stern usage limits and taking extended breaks proved to be quite helpful. For example, limiting your usage to just an hour per day guarantees how you use your time.

5. Take a break!

Taking time to replenish yourself is necessary, because social media is fast-paced and can consume just about anyone. Trust that you are not missing out and take the time you feel you need. Set daily limits for yourself and stick to them. We often lose track of the hours we spend online but creating strict boundaries can help.

6. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Your real life should not be subjected to a comparison with make-believe. A huge fraction of users choose to share only the best versions of themselves. You are not always privy to their hardships or unflattering experiences that allow them to present their best.


Stay true and work hard at what you are doing. With these components, you are always winning and leading your pack.

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