Bathing: A Classic Relaxation Routine

Children may hate it and adults may forego it, but bathing is not only a go-to for relaxation, it is a practice filled with health and wellness benefits. There are also many enhancements available to give you the ultimate bathing experience.

1. Milk

Yes, milk. There are individuals who like to take an ice cold soak in liquid milk baths, and there are many different types of milks you can add to your bath to not only make bathing feel luxurious, but without the feeling of leaving you frozen afterwards.

There is the traditional powdered milk you can add which has been known to soften the skin due to the natural acids found in it that gently exfoliates the skin. Powdered coconut milk is available for those who want an animal friendly experience. Coconut milk’s benefit includes its potency of Vitamin C, which can help keep your skin looking youthful. There’s a reason notable figures like Cleopatra are known for their love of milk baths.

2. Essential Oils

Essential Oils may be a trendy ingredient, but who wouldn’t benefit from a little aromatherapy in their lives? Not to mention, there is almost an endless amount that you can choose to add to your bath. Not only for relaxation (lavender, chamomile, sage, etc.), but there are oils for almost any intention and purpose.

You can use the oils for heightened relaxation, but you can also use the oils for focus, energy, or even before you go to bed to help you sleep. Do take caution, because certain essential oils may be harmful to the skin, so make sure that they are diluted with a safe skin carrier oil if you choose to add them to your bath.

3. Candles

If you aren’t quite ready to take the essential oil plunge, there’s always the classic candle route. We can all think of the movie bath scenes where a character leisurely soaks, surrounded by bubbles and candles, and those candles can add some needed aromatherapy to any bathing experience. Make sure that the candles are carefully placed in a safe position, and choose a scent that best fits the mood you are wishing to set.

4. Music

There is an endless amount of options when it comes to music. Any type of ambient music would help enhance your relaxation, but since this time is meant to be you-time, any personal musical preference that is going to soothe you would work.

Items such as speaker diffusers can both diffuse essential oils into the air while playing music at the same time. Most of these speakers are portable and either battery-powered or chargeable, therefore safe to use around water.

5. Bath Bombs

Another trendy ingredient is bath bombs. Sometimes relaxation isn’t just about the feeling, sometimes, albeit superficial, the visual experience matters as well. The more aesthetically pleasing our surroundings are, the more we can allow ourselves to deepen into relaxation.

You can use color psychology to enhance the experience when choosing your bath bomb. For instance, choosing a blue hued bath bomb is going to enhance a sense of calmness, while choosing a color like yellow or red may increase feelings of anxiousness or anger, so it is best to avoid the colors like the latter ones if that is not your intention.

Bathing is a classical way to relax. It is also healthy and cleansing. These enhancements aim to not only leave you feeling completely refreshed, but allow you to shape your own bathing experience for bathing to become a new relaxation technique in your busy routine.

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