Need Noise to Sleep? Calming Sounds to Listen To

1. Sleep With Me Podcast

Have you ever met somebody who’s voice puts you to sleep? The narrator of Sleep With Me has such an ability and he takes full advantage of it.

He tells rambling and repetitive bedtime stories that allows your mind to wander, even if you can’t fall asleep. He also does recaps of episodes of Star Trek, Doctor Who, The Good Place, and other popular television series. There are a few long-running stories as well, so you’re bound to find something you enjoy if this sounds interesting to you.

2. Relaxation Ambient Music

Relaxation Ambient Music is one of the most well-known YouTube channels to find sleep inducing and relaxation music where many other creators put their own spin on it. These trippy, almost-electronic sounds would not be out of place on a starship. In fact, some creators try to emulate the ambient noises of the Enterprise, the Millennium Falcon, and other famous ships in science fiction. Some also include ASMR and binaural beats. It’s a little weird for some people, but if you enjoy electronic music, you’ll probably find Relaxation Ambient Music helpful.

3. MyNoise

MyNoise has many ambient noise generators for various situations. If you need sounds for other things like role-playing games or reading a scary story, it’s a good resource to use.

MyNoise also has a tinnitus neuromodulator. You can adjust the settings so that the noise masks your tinnitus and it might silence it at least temporarily. If it doesn’t, there are still plenty of other relaxing soundscapes to explore that might help lull you to sleep.

4. NowRelax

NowRelax is an endlessly looping recording of a waterfall, birdsong, and other natural sounds accompanied by a relaxing gif. You can change the image or turn off the screen and just listen to the sounds. It’s also a pleasant start to the morning if you have to wake up early. It makes early mornings a little less jarring.

5. Calm’s Bedtime Stories

In the same vein as Sleep With Me, Calm features bedtime stories read in soothing voices by different readers. There’s even a short story about New Zealand read by a Game of Thrones actor. Some of their images are a little bright so it might be best to turn off the screen when listening to the stories.

6. Calmsound

Calmsound has a large collection of natural sounds that can help people with insomnia, as well as tinnitus. Their tracks are also available for download at most online stores and as physical CDs. They even have soundtracks for pets.

7. Nature documentaries

The Planet Earth series is great for falling asleep, especially the ones narrated by David Attenborough. Beautiful high-resolution nature images combined with David Attenborough’s voiceover helps you to relax and wind down even when you’re not trying to fall asleep. If you’re looking for documentaries to fall asleep to, try to find one that’s not related to something you’re passionate about but not so boring that you tune it out immediately.

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