Natural Ways to Combat Allergies

Everyone loves spring. The season when we can finally ditch our winter coats and soak in more hours of sunlight. Not to mention the blossoming foliage, as flowers bloom and life begins to thrive.

But spring is also the harbinger of the detested allergy season. While it’s easy to stroll through the aisles of your local pharmacy and pick up whatever name-brand allergy medicine that’s available, why not try some natural alternatives? Some of these methods have been around for a while now, and there are good reasons for that.

1. Local Honey

During spring inside a super market or something like it, you might hear a customer asking if the honey the store supplies is locally produced.

The reason being, the more exposure you have to an allergen the more likely your body can tolerate the irritant, and local honey contains pollen that’s native to your area and can help enhance your body’s resistance. Not to mention, buying local honey is good for the bees as well.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Is there anything apple cider vinegar can’t do? It has sublime skin and hair benefits. It is also one of the tried and true natural methods for treating allergies.

While it may not be the most alluring option for your taste buds, mixing apple cider with warm water and lemon juice can work to break through mucous build-up while also boosting your immune system. The momentary distaste is worth breathing easily again.

3. Diet Change

Diet affects everything. Although it isn’t the easiest to change, evidence suggests adding certain foods to your diet, while removing others, offers a potential key to treating your allergy.

Eating both low-fat and spicy foods are known to help defend the immune system against allergens. Try adding more onions and garlic while reducing your intake of alcohol and sugar. Don’t forget, increasing your water intake can work wonders, and green tea is another great option to combat allergies.

4. Exercise

While an exercise outside will definitely do more harm than good here, studies have shown that exercising can work to reduce sinus blockage. The type of exercise for allergy treatment is also important. You don’t want to do any intense cardio when you are already likely having difficulties breathing from being congested.

Again, avoid exercising outdoors and try to participate in workouts that will work to get your blood flowing. Try partaking in a yoga practice that works to open your chest, or even short-duration cardio that will strengthen the lungs without straining your breathing.

5. Neti Pots

This is another option that perhaps isn’t the most appealing, but allergies aren’t appealing either. Although it may take some time getting used to, neti pots are quite effective at treating your allergies as they are able to treat mucus build up.

An at home saline solution made out of salt and distilled water is typically regarded as the most effective; premade saline solutions are also available for purchase.

When using a neti pot, make sure that it’s properly cleaned and that the water you use is either distilled or boiled to avoid any harmful contaminants.  

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