Staying Safe While Traveling to an Unfamiliar Area

Traveling is a great experience. It’s something that everyone should try at least once in their lives.

The first time I left the country was to Nicaragua. The excitement and anticipation of going on the trip was at an all time high for me and all I worried about was exploring this foreign country. Safety was not a priority because I had assumed that nothing would or could go wrong. But in hindsight, this had been unwise to of me. Even if nothing had happened on previous trips, it is always wise to prepare and be aware of where you are in case anything happens.

1. Check-in on social media.

While social media is usually for posting what you are doing in your life at any given time, it can always act as another level of protection. Facebook has the check-in feature that allows you to notify people of where you are.

This is especially helpful if you’re travelling and country-hopping abroad for a long period of time so that your friends and family can be aware of when and where you were, in case anything happens. Social media can be used for more than just sharing cat photos.

2. Share your location periodically.

Just like with social media, if you have an Apple product, you can easily share your location with family members and others of your choice. You can even determine how long they can see your location for. There are apps for Android as well that are just as convenient.

Technology of today makes it easier to keep in touch and know where everyone is most of the time. When I first left the country, my mom wanted me to put my tracker on so that she could know where I was. Being a stubborn teenager, I thought it had been an invasion of my privacy.

Don’t be like me, don’t be stubborn. If your parents want to know where you are, let them.

3. Have back-up copies of your back-up copies.

When I was recently studying abroad in Greece, I heard that the worst thing that could happen to someone like me was to lose my passport. Your passport is basically your key back to your country when you’re done traveling. To misplace or lose it would be anyone’s worst nightmare (it was mine) and you don’t want to experience the fear of not having one.

Always, always, have copies of all your IDs and important documents. I printed 3 of each when I left, just in case. Always be more prepared than you think you should be.

4. If you can have insurance, get it.

Lots of things happen abroad. Missed flights, lost luggage, and delays. If you have the opportunity to insure your trip, do it. It only takes for one trip for something to go wrong and wish that there was insurance to fall back on.

Most sites and airlines allow you to add insurance for a small fee when you travel in case anything is to happen; you will be guaranteed protection of some kind. If insurance is not an option, consider having a small savings dedicated for your trip in case of any emergencies.

Have fun on your trip, but remember to be safe! It’s guaranteed to be an experience that will give you memories to last a lifetime.

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