Speaking Your Truth

We’ve probably all heard that it isn’t good to hold things in, that if we hold it in long enough, things might boil over.

Not every personality is the same. For some, speaking up may be harder compared to others, and the last thing they might want is to step on another’s toes, especially not in today’s climate.

However, being true to yourself and honoring your values can benefit your overall well-being. You won’t need to hide your emotions and maintain healthy relationships with those around you.

Remember, there is a fine line between being offensive and being honest. Before you begin to speak your truth, remember to walk that line.

1. Consider the Motive

If you’re on the precipice of an emotional explosion, consider how you have reached this point and what exactly is making you feel so inclined to speak up.

Initially, you may have wanted to stay quiet to meet the status quo, but if the current conditions of your circumstances are leaving you dispirited or less than ideal, it may be time to relay what you need to say to others.

If you have been holding in your piece for the sake of not offending others, then the motive must absolutely be considered. Does what you need to say hold any benefit to anyone else? Will it improve circumstances or relations between you and others? If so, it may be time to stand in your truth.

2. Delivery

Sometimes, speaking your truth may prove an inconvenience to others. That is why the delivery is important; remember, the importance of speaking your truth relies on strengthening/saving your bonds with others.

In order to keep those bonds intact, tact itself is extremely important. Explain your message from the viewpoint of how certain things make you feel as opposed to bringing up the shortcomings of others. For instance, if you don’t like the way someone speaks to you, try explaining that you often feel hurt by certain things they have told you instead of telling them that they’re insensitive and a bad speaker.

Communication is key.

3.   Be Confident

After you have done all of the necessary processing — evaluating your motive, realizing what speaking your truth means for you, and deciding how you are going to relay this truth — remember to be confident. When there is something you absolutely need to say that can cause a major change, be confident.

The message you have to say will likely cause others a bit of discomfort at first, as change inevitably does, but if it is something important to you, others will adjust accordingly in order to have a better relationship with you.

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