Best Upcycled Products

Upcycling, or the transformation of waste materials into something new and of better quality, is an innovative and highly supported process that helps the environment. Some companies only use this specific approach to create practical products.

1. Rareform

Most billboards are made out of non-biodegradable polyvinyl chloride (PVC), so to keep them from clogging up landfills. Rareform collects and repurposes 50,000 pounds of discarded billboard vinyls per month into stylish, eco-friendly accessories.

Rareform sells several types of bags from trendy totes and purses to sturdy duffles and backpacks, as well as wallets, iPhone cases, laptop sleeves, and more! PVC is a lightweight, water-resistant, and vegan material, and since every vinyl is hand-cut, every product’s design is always totally unique.


Soft, stretchy, and sustainable, BATOKO’s one-piece vegan swimsuits are crafted out of 100% recycled plastic in an effort to protect marine animals and the waters they call home.

The designs are minimalistic but still vibrant. They feature a variety of patterns from precious puffins to fresh fruit punch. To save even more water and energy, BATOKO digitally prints its swimwear, which results in little wastage.

3. Green Toys

Green Toys proves that you are never too young to be environmentally conscious.

Green Toys products are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, primarily milk jugs. Even its packaging uses only recyclable cardboard and soy ink for coloring.

Much of the Green Toys catalogue has won awards, including the 2014 NAPPA Parenting Resources Silver Award, and the company was showered with much deserved praise during a feature on Good Morning America.

4. Baabaazuzu

Baabaazuzu salvages and transforms about 3,000 pounds of post-consumer wool per month into handcrafted, one-of-a-kind winter accessories.

Unique and cozy gloves, mittens, scarves, and hats — made out of textiles that would have otherwise ended up in landfills — will keep you warm with compassion for the planet in the colder months.

5. Suga

Neither your average wet-suit nor yoga mat is biodegradable, so Suga decided to prevent further waste from entering landfills by designing quality yoga mats out of recycled wet-suits.

The closed-cell foam structure prevents bacteria, sweat, dust, and dirt from being absorbed into the mat, and also adds more density and cushion than most other mats for easier balance.

For just $99, you can buy a premium mat for life with Suga’s Cradle to Grave option. If anything happens to your mat, simply return it to Suga for recycling and receive a new one for free. With each mat, you will be keeping roughly two toxic wet-suits away from landfills.

6. Sword & Plough

Show your support for the environment and veterans of the U.S. military at the same time by purchasing a luxurious bag or jewelry made from repurposed military surplus fabric, leather, and hardware.

Sword & Plough’s mission is to reduce waste and minimize the carbon footprint of the world. The company has succeeded by repurposing over 30,000 pounds of military surplus to date. Sword & Plough also empowers veteran employment every step of the way, from design to modeling, and 10% of profits go straight to veteran organizations such as Team Red, White & Blue and Team Rubicon.

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