The Snacks That Give Back

With Thanksgiving approaching, now is the perfect time to talk about food. The best part of the holiday is stuffing your face, but what if you could help people and animals of the world with each bite?

Think with your stomach and your heart on your next grocery run and consider purchasing from the following brands that make goodies with only charity in mind.

1. Project 7.

Winner of the Most Innovative Gum Award from the Candy Industry in 2014, specialty candy company Project 7 definitely does not leave a bad taste in your mouth.

They sell delectable packs of gum, organic gummy bears, lollipops, and Gourmet Chewies™ in a variety of fun and unique flavors such as rainbow ice, birthday cake, champagne dreams, and coconut lime. But founder Tyler Merrick wanted his products to both taste good and do good.

Project 7 gets its name from its mission to support the seven areas of basic humanitarian aid around the world. With each purchase, you help Project 7 plant trees, house the homeless, feed the hungry, supply clean drinking water, deliver Malaria medication and treatments, provide daily school education, and lead anti-bullying programs for those in need both domestically and internationally.

2. Endangered Species Chocolate.

Founder Jon Stocking and his team are committed to crafting premium chocolate with exceptional taste to keep animals from going extinct.

Endangered Species Chocolate proudly displays endangered animals on each of their fair trade, non-GMO, gluten free dark chocolate in different decadent flavors like cherry, hazelnut toffee, and cranberries and almonds.

10 percent of the company’s annual net profits are donated to GiveBack partners and foundations that support conservation efforts for endangered species and habitats, and work toward an eco-friendly and biodiverse future.

3. Popcorn for the People.

This non-profit organization emerged on the scene with a resounding pop. Popcorn for the People started as a kernel of an idea from a high functioning autistic man, Samuel Bier, in his effort to combat the 80 percent unemployment rate for people with autism.

This equal opportunity employer trains and hires adults on the autism spectrum or with other developmental disabilities to create, package, and sell their gourmet, gluten free, nut free, kosher, and of course delicious popcorn.

Aside from offering classic flavors like butter and white cheddar, Popcorn for the People prides itself on its innovative flavors such as French toast, dark chocolate espresso, buffalo wing, and salt and vinegar.

4. Grounds & Hounds.

Founder Jordan Karcher wants you to fill your belly while rubbing the bellies of man’s best friend.

Grounds & Hounds is not only dedicated to brewing the highest quality cups of fair trade, organic coffee, but also to providing support to no-kill animal shelters and rescue initiatives for dogs between homes.

20 percent of all profits from the company’s choices of light, medium, and dark roasts with a scrumptious selection of tasting notes goes towards the funding of organizations and programs that give these pups a second chance.

Don’t just be hungry this Thanksgiving – be humanitarian.

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