8 Inexpensive Summer Activities To Do

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many unemployed or require people to have a tighter budget. Saving during the summer can be more stressful when you see your friends and family going on extravagant vacations.

But you can still make your summer worthwhile without spending a ton of money! Below are some summer activities that won’t break the bank.

1. Sunflower Field

Sunflower picking is a cheap and fun way to spend warm summer days. Many farms offer low entrance fees and have other activities included when you purchase a day pass. Be sure to bring a bucket of water to keep your flowers hydrated on the way home.

2. Berry Picking

Like sunflower fields, many berry picking farms have minimal entrance fees and you’ll just need to pay for the berries that you pick. There are few things in life better than freshly picked fruit that isn’t chock full of GMOs. Search for farms in your area and get to picking!

3. Hiking

Probably the least expensive adventure is hiking. It’s a healthy and amazing way to get outdoors without spending a penny! Search local hiking trails in your area or check out my list of Top 10 Hikes to Add to Your Bucket List.

4. Host a Picnic!

Another great way to spend your summer on a budget is to go on a picnic. Whether it be with your partner or a group of friends, all you need to do is gather your favorite foods and head to your local park.

5. At-Home Water Park

Due to COVID-19, many theme and water parks are either closed or have strict restrictions for visitors. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cool off in a fun way! With just a handful of supplies, your family and friends can cool off with a DIY Slip n’ Slide! Find out how to make your own by visiting this website here.

6. Gardening

If you’re looking for an activity that you can do all summer long, start a garden! Start by purchasing the seeds of your favorite fruits, vegetables, or herbs. With a little soil, sunlight and water, you’ll be harvesting by fall.

7. At-Home Drive-In Theater

With the threat of the pandemic still present, many entertainment venues including movie theaters are closed. But with some inexpensive supplies, your family and friends can still enjoy summer blockbusters. It may seem that drive-in theaters are a thing of the past, but they don’t have to be!

8. Backyard Camping

You don’t necessarily have to leave your house to experience the great outdoors. With just a tent, some sleeping bags, and s’mores, you can camp in your own backyard.


While the COVID-19 pandemic may keep you from going to crowded beaches or visiting expensive theme parks, there are still plenty of ways to have fun in the sun while keeping your family safe and out of debt.

Although this summer may look somewhat different than years past, with a little bit of creativity and friends and family, you can make this summer just as memorable.


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