5 Ways to Sneak Nutrients into Your Diet

There is no way around it: you have to get your vegetable intake someway, somehow.

According to a 2017 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention press release, depending on their age and sex, federal guidelines recommend adults have at least 1.5-2 cups of fruit and  2-3 cups  of vegetables per day.

Now this may seem a little daunting if vegetables aren’t your go-to when thinking of things to eat. Luckily for us, it’s easier to sneak in the necessary vegetable intake into our diet with the ideas listed below.

1. Make a green machine smoothie 2.0.

Consider making a green machine smoothie. Most green smoothies include vegetables such as celery, spinach, kale and parsley. The leafy vegetables are jam packed with nutrients but may not be the tastiest.

The fun thing about this smoothie is you can add things to mask the taste. Do you like vanilla Greek yogurt? Bananas? Coconut Milk? Don’t be afraid to add those in too. Personalizing your smoothie makes eating vegetables fun and will leave you wanting even more.

2. Sauté vegetables.

Zest up the vegetables on your dinner plate by sauteing them with your favorite garnishes! This will provide additional flavor to your entire dinner. Specifically, using onions or garlic to sauté your vegetables will add additional nutrients to your dinner plate and will make adding vegetables to dinner a necessity (if it isn’t already).

Caution: try to not keep the vegetables in the frying pan too long. The key here is to lightly sauté them so you don’t fry out the necessary nutrients that your body needs.

3. Roast it up!

If you’re someone who loves the taste of things grilled, don’t be afraid to stick your favorite vegetables in the oven. Roasted vegetables are the perfect addition to most meals and can serve as a quick snack.

Not only is the process of roasting super easy and fun, but roasted vegetables are also known for their ability to keep their nutrients intact. There’s no limit! When it comes to roasting, you can put almost anything into the oven and the taste is sure to be enhanced.

4. Enjoy some hearty soup.

If you’re a person who loves comfort food, soup is the way to go. While soup is undoubtedly one of the tastiest comfort foods, it also gives you free reign to add whatever you want.  Similar to smoothies, you can add your favorite or least favorite vegetables to your soup. This won’t take away the overall taste or flavor due to the potency of most broths used in soups.

5. Have some wheat grass shots!

Do you simply hate the look and taste of vegetables but want all the nutrients? Well, a wheat grass shot may be right up your alley. Although small, these strong shots are known for their ability to provide energy, detox and  nutrients.

Wheat grass shots are all the rave because of their unique ability to provide the same nutrients  as vegetables, if not more. If you don’t like wheat grass in shot form, it can be found in powder or supplements which makes your methods of consumption endless.


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