Piecing Together a New Hobby: Making Puzzles a Part of Your Day

Have you looked at your summer list of things to do during the pandemic and noticed it is already dwindling? Are you tired of watching Netflix or wasting time on social media apps during your spare time?

If you’re like most people and craving something new during the pandemic, consider a fun and sometimes exhilarating alternative. No, not skydiving or dirt bike riding in the rugged terrains. This activity is also mentally challenging .

That’s right, you guessed it: It may be time to start incorporating puzzles into your daily routine. A puzzle? Yes, you read that correctly. A puzzle can spice up your day and provide you with so many options and benefits.

It is a perfect hobby to consider and here are 3 reasons it might be just the thing to put the pep into your daily routine.

1. There are so many puzzles to choose from.

There are online stores that sell a variety of puzzles. Gravitate towards ones that pique your interest. Find the number of pieces and photo pattern that you could envision yourself putting together.

If you really want a challenge and can invest time into putting together a larger puzzle, aim for either a 500 or 1000-piece puzzle to really get you going. Or if you are at a beginner level, aim for a 100-piece puzzle instead.

It’s important to have fun with your selection and make sure it’s a puzzle you can find yourself committing time and energy to.

2. Puzzles keep your mind sharp.

You definitely don’t want to feel like your brain is going to mush with schools and libraries closed in most areas. Overall, you can’t let this pandemic beat you down mentally. An awesome way to combat that feeling is to work out a puzzle.

Plus, it is proven to stimulate your mind. In fact, according to A Healthier Michigan, “Recent studies also show that, through word puzzles, older adults are able to keep their brain level functioning up to 10 years younger their age.” That’s definitely a perk that can’t be beat.

3. There is a sense of achievement when complete a puzzle.

A sense of accomplishment is always something to be proud of. You deserve to be proud of seeing the finished product after everything you’ve invested in it.

According to A Healthier Michigan, “When you solve a puzzle, your brain’s production of dopamine increases.” The article concludes that this is what makes you happy, and that happiness impacts your motivation and concentration.

It is completely normal to maybe want to boast about how you pieced together something extraordinary. Be proud of it and then if you’re still feeling even more adventurous, conquer the next puzzle you have in mind.


Puzzles can keep you busy when it seems like there’s nothing else to do – but beyond that, you can also rejuvenate your mind with a little stimulation and earn that sense of achievement. Have you found the puzzle you want to make part of your daily routine?


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