5 Ways to Celebrate Breaking Out of Self-Criticism

We’ve all heard it before: don’t be so hard on yourself!

The harsh reality is it’s natural to be your own worst critic because only you know the depth of your dreams and capabilities. But no matter how small the accomplishment, it’s important to take a second to acknowledge and celebrate. Each accomplishment is a step forward and something you worked for.

1. Treat yourself to a sweet treat!

If you have a sweet tooth, treating yourself to a pastry or candy after a win may be the perfect way to celebrate. Having a delicious treat is the perfect reward because they contain sugar and may be able to lift your spirits if you’re not feeling particularly excited after an achievement. You can also make a date out of it! Consider calling up your closest friends for a quick dessert date to celebrate your next win.

2. Pamper yourself.

When you’re working hard, it can be easy to fall behind on self-care, which is why after your next achievement you should try pampering yourself at home as a reward. Look into DIY facials or giving yourself a pedicure. These are quick and easy tasks that people tend to forget about but may make all the difference in making you feel recognized after an achievement.

3. Listen to uplifting music.

Music has the unique ability to evoke emotions and the right music may have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine. If you’re not feeling celebratory after a small win, take some time to tune out the world with your favorite songs. This may help you to relax and jam out with your favorite artists. Do this for as long as you feel is right because you’ve earned it. Don’t be afraid to dance it out either.

4. Share your win!

If you’re not feeling the gravity of your accomplishment, you may want to consider sharing your win with someone who will lift your spirits. Often times, it may be difficult to celebrate a win because you’re so close to the situation that your achievement hasn’t really registered in your mind.

But excitement from someone outside the situation, such as your family or friends, may give you the positivity you need to celebrate your accomplishment. This person will more than likely respond with words of affirmation, which in turn will trigger your own excitement.

5. Write yourself a thank you note.

After completing a goal, it’s easy to just cross the goal off the list and move on to the next thing. However, any achievement requires work and preparation which is why simply crossing it off a list does little to acknowledge the work leading up to that point.

After your next achievement, try taking some time to construct a well thought out thank you note to yourself. Really push yourself to acknowledge what reaching the goal means to you and write about the journey, especially on the obstacles you faced in getting there. This will allow you to feel the gravity of your achievement and pat yourself on the back.


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