4 Ways to Practice Self-Love in a Relationship

One of the most common mistakes people make when they’re in a romantic relationship is forgetting to take care of themselves.

But contrary to popular belief, under no circumstance should self-love, one of the most overlooked but necessary parts of wellness, ever be put on pause – especially in a relationship.

It’s no secret that relationships require a lot and if you’re not in a good place with yourself, you may run into problems regardless of the amount of work you put in. It’s especially important to love on yourself while in relationship to keep yourself centered.

1. Pursue your own hobbies.

Your growth doesn’t stop when you start dating. It’s important to actively keep learning about yourself throughout your relationship. Plan an outing for you to do without your partner.

This will give you the space and opportunity to check in on all aspects of your life while potentially discovering new things about yourself. Try doing some of your favorite activities for relaxation or even something completely out of your comfort zone for a challenge.

2. Communicate your needs to your partner.

Whether it’s increased communication, alone time, or more emotional support, you’ll likely have various different needs throughout your relationship. However, effectively communicating those needs to your partner isn’t always easy.

Put together a list of your needs to bring to your partner’s attention. This may seem difficult, but it has the potential to hopefully create a safe space where you and your partner can have a healthy discussion centered on each of your individual needs. This open dialogue may allow you both to have a stronger understanding of one another.

3. Maintain your own identity.

Do you have a career aspiration that you’ve been working at for years? Or maybe it’s a life plan you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little kid? Don’t forget to dream big and keep working toward those goals when in a relationship.

Doing this will allow you to keep a much-needed sense of individuality within your relationship and can assist in fostering a healthy relationship with yourself. The great thing about setting goals is that it provides you with the inspiration and motivation to achieve something.

4. Keep up with family and friends!

If you find yourself getting lost in the natural groove of a romantic relationship and neglecting your family and friends, try not to panic. The reality is that this happens to a lot of people in relationships and it’s more important that you acknowledge that spending time with family and friends is a form of self-care.

Maintaining the relationships with the people who knew and loved you before you met your partner may allow you to feel grounded throughout your relationship, especially when you’re going through a rough patch with your partner. It’s important to keep these people in your corner and not forget about them when things are going well in your relationship.

This may be difficult to do consistently if you’re super busy so to make things easier consider creating a monthly or bi-monthly checklist where you can remind yourself to check in on your loved ones.


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