Night-Time Routine: 4 Tech-Free Ways to Wind Down for Better Sleep

Chances are, you’re a person who uses their phone or watches TV before bed. Don’t be embarrassed because this is to be expected given the technology obsessed era we live in.

However, The Sleep Foundation recommends stopping technology use 30 minutes before bed because the blue light that’s emitted from these gadgets can make it difficult to fall asleep. Instead, try doing activities that will get you relaxed and ready for nighttime.

1. Center your mind with meditation.

Taking a few minutes to meditate before bed will allow you to decompress from the events of the day. It may be difficult to get used to the idea of completely emptying your mind and focusing on nothing, but with practice this should get easier.

Consider looking through your phone’s app store for meditation apps such as Calm and Headspace to get you started. Make sure there are no distracting noises while you meditate to avoid disturbing the serene environment.

The relaxation that comes from a consistent mediation routine may be the perfect signal for your mind and body to know that it’s time for bed.  

2. Let go with a gratitude journal.

A lot of times when you reach for your phone before bed, it’s to avoid thinking about the many stressors you may have faced throughout the day.

However, instead of scrolling through Instagram to subconsciously escape these problems, consider focusing on the positive aspects of your day.

Take the time to reflect on your day and identify things that you are grateful for. Doing this may give you a much-needed sense of peace before bed that may even carry into the next morning.

3. Captivate your mind with a good read.

Instead of falling asleep with your TV on, consider picking up a book. Reading may allow you to have a sense of solace if you’re stressed out at the end of the day. Books are a great way to slow a racing mind because reading requires great attention and focus.

Consider reading autobiographies and memoirs from your role models as these types of books may leave you feeling inspired before bed. Think of this as your recovery time to reset from the day while also expanding your knowledge.

4. Drink your favorite herbal tea.

If you’re someone who enjoys the relaxation of having a hot drink, try drinking a cup of herbal tea right before bed. Drinking a cup of herbal tea will most likely have you feeling warm and comfortable. 

Chamomile, which is known for its natural ability to calm the body, may be the perfect solution if you’re having trouble falling asleep.  If you’re not a fan of chamomile, give ginger or peppermint teas a try.


Practicing relaxation in your nighttime routine can make a big difference in your mindset as you head to bed. Trade in the devices at night so your mind can be at ease and body can get the rest it deserves.


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