Fun Quarantine Date Night Ideas

With everything that has happened the last couple of months surrounding the pandemic, the thought of going outside simply for a date night may seem taboo for some couples.

Although there are some places that are slowly transitioning back to normal, there’s a chance you or your partner may be more inclined to stay indoors to remain safe.

The good news is, you can still plan cute dates that don’t require you to give up the comfort and safety of your home.

1. Themed Karaoke Night

If you’re a couple that enjoys listening to music, consider having a karaoke night. Karaoke is a great way to let loose and blow off some steam.

Giving the night a theme will also add a unique spin on this super fun activity. For instance, if you’re in the mood for extra romance, you could try doing a love song theme where you include some of your favorite love hits to sing along with your partner.

2. Paint n’ Sip

If you’re a couple that appreciates art, try setting up a makeshift Sip n’ Paint studio in your living room. Sip n’ Paint kits are easy to find on Amazon and YouTube has a wide variety of paint tutorials that you can work from.

For the non-drinkers, you can swap out the wine for sparkling cider or your favorite summer juice. This will be a great date for you and your partner to unwind while letting your creative juices flow.

3. Board Game Night Tournament

For the couples who love a good old fashion competition, consider having a board game date night. You can round up your favorite board games for a night of fun and competition with your partner.

It may be fun to include your favorite games from your childhood or even some of the more popular ones today. To make it a little more interesting, consider turning the games into a tournament and having a grand prize for the winner. 

4. Self-Care Dates

All of the stress caused by the pandemic may have caused you or your partner to slip on the self-care realm. Luckily, this isn’t the end of the world but an opportunity for a fun date night. Schedule a self-care session with your partner to address these needs.

If either of you have been slacking on self-care in terms of health, try having a smoothie party. If you’d like to address physical self-care, try giving one another a manicure or even a haircut. This will be a great opportunity to both take care of your own needs while spending quality time with your together.

5. Book Club

For many bookworms, quarantine has given them an unlimited amount of time to read. If you’re one of these people, consider starting a book club with your partner. This way you’ll be able to share your favorite parts of the books you’re reading and have the opportunity to reflect on it with your partner. You’ll also most likely learn about your partner’s views and that could potentially add another layer to your relationship.


One thought

  1. These are amazing tips. Sadly, my husband has no hobbies and we have no shared interest. I’d love to do all these but instead of manicures, a massage. Sometimes i sit with him while he watches tv, even though our tastes in tv shows are different so i usually just watch in another room on my laptop or read in another room (he puts the tv on too loud, puts the AC on too high, and the lights too bright and i get migraines so…) anyway, these are great ideas. I may be able to convince him to play board games with me sometime. He used to play a long time ago but only once played chess with me. His play is very aggressive and he cheats so i never played with him again.


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