5 Ways to Successfully Transition to Online Learning for the School Year

This school year will inevitably look different than it has in years past. COVID-19 has flipped the way schools operate completely upside down. From kindergarten to college, students will face a unique set of challenges this year.

For many students, it is difficult to transition to distance learning from in-person. It can be hard to stay motivated and focused on assignments while being apart from peers and instructors. It is important that students make time for school as well as time for themselves or time with friends even if it is socially distanced.

Below are tips that can help you prepare to take online classes while maintaining your sanity.

1. Create a quiet study place.

It may be tempting to simply wake up and log on to your Zoom classes while still in bed, but it will be much more beneficial to create a study space that isn’t in your room.

Surround yourself with things that will motivate you such as quotes or artwork that inspires you. Pick a place with plenty of natural sunlight and a comfortable chair. Making this small change will help separate work from play.

2. Create a schedule.

When you’re at home most of the day, it’s much easier to fall into the mundane routine of just studying, eating and sleeping. By creating a schedule you’re more likely to follow through with obligations such as school but also fun activities like time with friends. Plan out specific times for studying as well as time to pursue a hobby or have a call with friends.

3. Write down your assignments.

Organization is an essential part of ensuring that all your work is completed.

When you don’t have teachers to remind you each day of assignments to turn in it can be easy to forget you have them. Writing down on a calendar or in an agenda will help you to keep track of all your assignments and their due dates.

There are also many homework and agenda apps that you can download so that whenever you’re on your phone you receive a reminder for what needs to be done.

4. Write down your goals.

Setting short and long-term goals is a great way to feel productive while you’re stuck at home. Achieving small daily goals such as studying for 45 minutes or completing a math worksheet, will help motivate you to achieve more and larger goals.

Research shows that if you want to achieve your goals you need to write them down. People who write down and vividly describe their goals are anywhere from 1.2 to 1.4 times as likely to achieve that goal.

5. Give yourself a break.

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and as though you’re not doing enough. Many people don’t do as well with online learning as they do with in-person instruction. If you see a decrease in you or your child’s grades, it doesn’t need to be an immediate red flag.

We’re in a pandemic after all. Nobody has experienced a virus of this magnitude in over 100 years. Education is certainly important, but it is more important to prioritize your well-being.


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