Writer Reflections Q&A: Kimberly G.

During my time writing for Reflect & Refresh, I have learned how to explore the six elements of wellness deeper than I ever considered before. In fact, I had no idea how these pillars of wellness each factor into our daily lives.

Now I realize how amazing it is to focus on each one as a piece of a puzzle in our lives. I learned that each aspect of something I was going through could be related to wellness.

What are some techniques or practices that have helped you personally in pursuing wellness?

With my own personal wellness, I regularly drink water and find time to walk and enjoy the scenery, averaging anywhere between 2 to 4 miles every other day.

I do this to not only get a bit of exercise into my busy schedule, but to also enjoy the serene desert morning around me before the temperatures rise. Living in Arizona can get brutal during the summer!

I also practice breathing routines as well and love to relax and drift away with some good music playing. That is a moment of serenity for me as I balance working full time, being a mother of two beautiful daughters, and dealing with any daily stresses.

Everything I contributed to Reflect and Refresh included pieces of my own experiences. Cutting back on sugar, practicing acts of kindness, and even having family game nights (even virtual ones due to COVID-19) are all a part of how I keep myself well!

I’ve faced a lot of different health and wellness struggles this year and I tried my best to keep them from affecting my time as a writer for Reflect and Refresh, and honestly, just keep them from getting me down altogether.

What piece of advice on wellness would you give to our readers?

The biggest piece of advice I would give is that it’s okay to feel stressed, but do not let it bring you down. You have to keep going but you know how much your body can take, so don’t overwork yourself. Take it easy when you need to and realize each small step you take towards wellness contributes to the larger puzzle.

Which of your pieces was your favorite to write? Why?

Reflect and Refresh was an opportunity for me to reflect a lot on my life. The first of the two favorite pieces I’ve written was The Comeback of Drive-In Theaters.

I’d only been to a drive-in theater once in my life, and sadly a few years after that, Tucson shut them down. Then talks of a revival of an old American pastime struck during the pandemic we currently face, and suddenly, the drive-in theaters were back in business.

The cool thing is my sister went to one for her first time in Chandler this August and she loved it- even dressing up 50s style to commemorate the event!

Piecing Together a New Hobby: Making Puzzles a Part of Your Day was super fun for me to write as well. I nicknamed my dad “the Puzzle King” because he finishes 1000 and 1500 puzzles regularly. One of my fondest memories as a child was sitting at the kitchen table with my dad and completing puzzles. There was a true sense of satisfaction in that.

To make it even better, my dad would glue the pieces of the puzzle we worked on together onto a piece of cardboard and hang it in my room like a makeshift poster. He does the same thing with my daughters, so it’s sweet to see the tradition continue on with his grandchildren.

You can bet that during the pandemic nothing has changed! He still puts together puzzles quicker than anyone I know and has rightfully earned his nickname.


I will continue to carry the elements of wellness with me in all that I do and strive to achieve wellness in my personal goals. I’m already reflecting on different aspects of the wellness elements as I write this and making mental notes of what I can aim to improve.

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  1. These are great and inspiring words especially the wellness part and I often feel down because of all these very strict restrictions in my place due to covid. I would be glad to hear your thoughts on my post as well! 🙂

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