Why You Should Take a Mental Health Day

Even in 2020, it can be difficult for people to accept that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. The stigma surrounding mental health is dangerous and can cause people to feel that they can’t talk about the state of their mental health openly.

But it’s long overdue for that to change which is why we should normalize taking mental health days. Just as we call in sick for waking up with a sore throat or a fever, we should all be able to also call in sick when feeling particularly anxious or depressed.

After all, we all have days where we feel under the weather whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally. It is a vital part of wellness to care for our emotional and mental health as we do our physical health.

Below are a few reasons why you should take a mental health day.

1. It benefits everyone.

When you’re overworked, you’re less productive and more likely to make errors. Taking a much-needed break benefits everyone involved. After you’ve taken time for yourself, you can produce better quality work.

This time will allow you to focus on and understand your emotions. When you understand yourself, you’re able to better meet the needs of your employer.

2. It’s something everyone needs.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, millions of adults in the United States experience some sort of mental illness in a given year. Therefore, you’re almost certainly not the only person in your company that needs to take a mental health day.

When you’re constantly working, you’re likely to experience a burnout and then will likely need to take off more than just one day. To prevent that from happening, take the time now to focus on what your mind needs.

3. It will help to normalize mental health issues.

As stated previously, millions of adults experience some sort of mental illness. So, why is there still a stigma surrounding mental health? By talking to your employer and taking periodic mental health days, it can help you normalize taking time to care for your mental and emotional health as we so often do with our physical health.

4. It can improve your relationships.

When we’re constantly focusing on work and what we need to do next, it can begin to take a toll on our relationships. We often push aside time with our family or friends for work that we feel “just can’t wait.” But that work will still be there.

Taking time for yourself and spending time with the people that make you feel your best is a great way to foster good mental health and well-rounded relationships.


While it can be stressful to call out for mental health reasons, especially if your boss or work environment doesn’t take mental health seriously, it is important to remember that nobody is going to take care of you like you can take care of yourself. So, even when it feels difficult, make the choice to choose yourself and your health first.


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