How to Help the Less Fortunate This Winter During COVID-19

The year 2020 has been a difficult time for everyone across the world. We’re all still dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 and it’s nothing like we’ve ever had to deal with before.

The novel coronavirus has caused financial problems for many, causing people to be unable to provide Christmas gifts for their families, be with their families during the holidays or even have enough food to eat.

As is always the case, there is still a high homeless population that needs our help this holiday season and although giving back to your community will likely look different this year due to social distancing requirements, your contributions are important.

Below is a list of ways that you can help your community through the holidays.

1. Donate to a local food pantry.

As stated, many people are unable to afford groceries for their families and must rely on outside resources such as food pantries. Food pantries are almost always in need of help and there is likely to be one close to where you live. Simply search ‘food pantries near me,’ online, pick up a few items at your grocery store and drop them off when you have the time!

2. Donate prevention supplies to homeless shelters.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC has emphasized the importance of maintaining distance between one another to limit the possibility of contracting COVID-19.

But this can be difficult in homeless shelters because they are often at over-capacity and have several people to one room.

You can help by donating prevention supplies such as hand sanitizer, masks, and cleaning supplies to homeless shelters to prevent staff and residents from contracting the disease.

3. Donate to Toys for Tots or a similar organization.

Many people across the country have and continue to face financial hardships especially during the holiday season. Toys for Tots is a program that is run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and it distributes toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them gifts for Christmas. Their website lists several ways for people to donate in a no-touch fashion.

4. Donate to a children’s hospital.

Many parents are dealing with large medical expenses for their children on top of already struggling financially with other parts of their lives.

You can help to provide some relief to these families by donating to organizations such as the Children’s Hospital Foundation. This organization accepts toys, clothing, gift cards and other items to help provide families with comfort and distractions.

5. Donate to a GoFundMe cause.

Unfortunately, there are endless ways that people are struggling this time of year and during the pandemic. There are many people that have set up GoFundMes either for themselves or their loved ones to lessen their financial burdens. By going on GoFundMe’s website, you can donate to multiple people who are in need. No amount is too small and every cent counts!


This holiday season will look much different than years past. Many people are struggling to get by and there are many ways to help from a distance if you’re able to.


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