4 Reasons Adults Should Play Outside More

We have officially been out of hibernation weeks ago from the mountains of snow and are closely approaching spring. Streaming services are delivering worse and worse content by the day with higher subscription rates.

All of our minds have been altered by something out of our control. With this in mind, as an adult, you should play outside. I’m not suggesting you have to play tag with your group of friends where you all would wear side parts and skinny jeans.

What I am saying is if you are wanting to run just because you feel happy in spring, sprint to your heart’s content. Or, if you wanted to run with breaks in between to play with squirrels, have at it! It doesn’t have to be a structured, exercise routine involving heart monitors.

There can be concerns about not being able to interact with others because of COVID-19. You can still enjoy your own company by exploring the outdoors.

This could especially apply if you have dogs where you can run with them or throw the traditional Frisbee. If you have cats, I’m sorry they won’t move.

But seriously, here is why you should venture and make your own adventures outside.

1. There are greater opportunities for meet-cutes.

If you are unaware of what these are, “meet-cutes” are when two romantic interests meet for the first time. Yet this can happen even if you want a bestie.

Who wouldn’t want these results? Also, to answer a question you are probably thinking, this can still happen when we are needing to socially distance.

Even for me living at my parents’ house in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas, a guy talked to me from his truck while I was walking on a desolate road. He said something that was not politically correct and not very deep but there was still something, and it could have potentially been a great meet-cute.

2. Excessive amounts of screen time is required now but having physical breaks outside is a relief.

What we have believed for a number of years is that we go online for a virtual reality to escape actual reality. But currently, especially since last year, we crave the actual reality because the virtual reality has consumed our entire lives.

Working from home and having to go online to get social interaction are how we have become regular citizens in the virtual world.

From hearing one of my former professors and from personal experience, being online all day can be way more exhausting than working physically. It can be good to receive endorphins from the sun and wander around a bit when you can. 

3. It is still exercise.

We all know it’s needed. We all know it helps to having a more fulfilling life. We also know that exercise can be extremely painful. It should be known that injecting fun into working out helps for you to continue in it longer.

CrossFit is good, but traveling throughout the woods is also good too. Even though the activity is associated with children, they are also less likely to pack on weight because of being constantly active.

4. You realize your own surroundings and possibly notice things you haven’t.

In touching upon the second point about virtual realities, we can miss the characteristics of where we live because so much of our lives are based online. Wandering through nature can seem juvenile, but it can help give you some clarity of your surroundings.

One of my former classmates, told me that she would go outside a lot of the times in the beginning of quarantine last year and was able to enjoy other pathways that she never noticed. Aside from being enjoyable, being aware of your surroundings can help you for practical reasons such as being able to know what is safe in your area and what is not.


Playing outside can be lots of fun. Rolling around in the grass, climbing trees, and getting dirty for no reason can be awesome.

Don’t be intimidated by other people mocking you for having fun in nature. Too much of life can be inhibited by what people may think of us. It is important in many instances not to care.

Take advantage of what the newer weather has to offer. It’s the perfect climate to be enriched by what seems ridiculous. Spring into action.


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