Self-Care Tips from a Mother of Three

From biological mothers and grandmothers to guardians, mothers are the backbone of our families. They create peace and serenity in the homes that they live in and they work hard to keep everyone afloat. However, they tend to spread themselves thin and forget to practice self-care.

From new mothers to seasoned mothers, it’s hard to practice self-care and their selfless act of pursuing motherhood starts to consume them. Yet, this shouldn’t be the case for every mother. Taking care of yourself is essential for everyone.

Here are some tips I received from my mother on realistic self-care that any mother can practice on their journey.

1. Ask for help.

Have an honest conversation with your partner about taking a break from taking care of the kids. My mother told me of the power of speaking up and that asking for help will release stress for the long term. Realize that you aren’t superwoman and deserve to rest.

She urges that new mothers and mothers of younger children try this because they will need care frequently and you won’t have time with the children all around. She believes it’s important to take full advantage of any free time you can sneak into your schedule.

2. Pick a day to rest.

After you express your need for solitude, you need to pick a day to practice self-care. My mother’s favorite day to relax is on Sundays so she can prepare for the work week ahead.

No matter which day you pick to relax, maximize that time and focus on yourself. If you can do it weekly, she urges that you try to make it into a routine. You can take a well-deserved nap, write in your journal about the week or eat your favorite foods.

My mother pointed out that it can be hard to distance your identity from your children because you want to be there for them. However, you can’t forget yourself in the process because if you forget yourself, you can’t help anyone else.

3. Consider playing a game or doing a facial.

My mother’s favorite activities to do for self-care are puzzle workbooks and skincare treatments. She is into DIY skincare such as facial steamers, face masks, and serums, because she believes that taking care of your skin is vital to maintaining your beauty and health.

She enjoys crossword puzzles because she likes to keep her mind active and sharp. Both activities help her to relax and give her time to breathe without her children. She believes that all mothers need to find ways to bring peace within themselves.

4. Socialize!

As the demand for children’s attention rises, it’s hard for mothers to spend time with friends. To combat this, my mother has scheduled phone calls with her friends to catch up and discuss anything that comes to mind.

She enjoys time with her friends because she gets to let loose and be herself. She also goes on dinner dates and shopping trips with her girlfriends.

She believes that all mothers should stay in contact and spend time with their friends to relieve stress and have fun. You are a woman with needs and goals apart from your children.


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