How to Create a Cute Living Space

The topic has become increasingly important especially as work from home has become more commonplace.

It’s particularly important for people, including myself, who want attractive backgrounds for Zoom calls because a background that only shows off the fluorescent lighting from the $5 light bulb you bought is not very engaging.

Remember that living spaces are designed to be comfort zones away from outside stressors. When you’re away from busy streets, crowded supermarkets, and awkward get-togethers, your home is where you can decompress (aside from any makeshift offices).

In an uninspiring space, it is insanely easy to become less motivated, prepared, and creative. Having a cute living space should be a priority. It puts people in cheerier moods since the spaces are usually a reflection of their interests.

Here are some lesser known tips which can easily help you upgrade your living space.

1. Shop at dollar/discount stores.

There was a claim made on Twitter where the same $10 cup at Target was found at Dollar Tree. Good products can be found in a less appealing environment and without trendy marketing.

Within these stores, there are fake flowers that can be manipulated to the style you want, candles that may actually smell good, and plastic-ware that you could artistically affect because it’s plastic-ware.

2. Remember the power of smell.

Even if your living situation prohibits you from using candles, there are alternatives. Using incense has become more popular in recent years. For a real cost-effective way, try dryer sheets. They always have a strong smell designed to mask most odors. Even if you had a mess with food, drinks, and regret the night before, the sheets can take care of it.

3. Marketplaces could house your best option.

It’s guaranteed that IKEA has many affordable and reliable options for adjusting your living space. However, you can find great treasures at marketplaces whether it’s in person or online.

Plus, so many of the decor selection that is out right now has minimal style with lots of grey tones. If you are the person who appreciates color and extravagance, then it would be best for you to go to cool marketplaces which can house interesting vintage products that are done in differing textiles.

4. Ask your your friends and family for any junk.

Like with the marketplaces, there can be treasures that are discovered from junk. It may be a little scary to contact people asking them for favors, yet you may be surprised at the amount of junk that people have and want to get rid of.

It would be a major help for redoing a place, it will make them feel better because they have just cut down on clutter, and you would get the items at a more than generous discount or even free.  


These morsels of advice could apply to many people whether you are an aficionado for home organization or don’t care and would rather spend the remaining paycheck on Taco Bell every night. For those groups and anyone in between, it can be good to think of alternative ways for the home and set aside money to create your habitat.

When I was working on my Master’s project in a foreign city, I was living in a small space. Being stuck inside because of COVID-19, I had to be within that space day after day. It was an overwhelming struggle to have any motivation to do my best on the project. Part of it was because I paid no attention to my internal surroundings.

Focus on this aspect of your life and it can make a monumental difference. There’s a process that can start with the living space. Watch your mood as it positively changes. Then, your social interactions and other facets of your life will change in your favor.


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