Maintaining a Healthy Mother-Daughter Relationship

Asian mother and adult daughter portrait outdoors

Mother-daughter relationships are one of the most crucial to maintain because our moms can teach us so much throughout our lives.

The ideal mother-daughter relationships in pop culture, such as Loreali and Rory from Gilmore Girls, or Judy Garland and Liza Minnelli, are not so easily attainable.

These pop culture relationships are misleading because many of us do not live within an hour of our moms, and the majority of us do not work with them on the next movie.

Despite not being as close with them as much as Rory or Liza, our moms raised us for 18 years, and still continue to teach us life lessons.

Yet, mothers are only designated one day on the calendar each year, so making an effort to stay close with them is important to maintaining the relationship.

These are ways you can bond with your mom, long distance or otherwise, even when it’s not Mother’s Day.

#1. Call your mom just to talk.

When I traveled to Spain for a few weeks, even though I still live with my mom, I called her every night just to talk to each other about our days.

Every night may be excessive, but call your mom at least once a week. This is a good way to keep up to date with the goings-on in each other’s lives.

A simple phone call lets her know that you’re thinking about her and that maintaining your relationship is important to you.

#2. Visit as often as you can.

One thing that I stand by is that as we grow older and move away, our mothers absolutely cannot become “holiday relatives.” That is a term I use to describe distant aunts, uncles, or third cousins.

Visiting your mom frequently is important so that only seeing her a few times a year does not become the normal routine.

After all, we need to stay close to the woman that gave us 50% of who we are.

#3. Do something with your mom.

If you live closer to your mom, get together with her once a month and do something fun.

You could go to lunch at a restaurant halfway between where the two of you live, or make it a girls day out and go shopping too.

Call her whenever events in the area pop up, such as a movie release, one that looks interesting to both of you, or one that you think she’d enjoy.

Once the day and time is set, pencil it into your planner so that it doesn’t get overlooked or pushed aside.

#4. Take advantage of today’s technology- Skype.

For those who don’t live near their moms, technology is in your favor and use it to the fullest and as much as you can.

Skype is a wonderful resource to keep close with those who matter to us, because it’s more personal than a phone call.

FaceTime is another video chat option to stay in touch for those who have iPhones.

If your mom is as unfamiliar with technology as mine is, it may be a good idea on the next visit to help her install the program and show her how to use it.

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