Effective Ways to Decrease Stress

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We’ve all been there: you missed the bus, have an important meeting, or you just can’t seem to shake that anxiety. Whatever the cause, stress can be overwhelming and we often don’t know how to deal with it effectively.

While there’s no universal quick-fix to stressful situations, there are a number of simple things that can help make this process manageable and easier to resolve.

These are a few effective strategies for tackling long-term or short-term stress that can put you back on track, clear your head, and help you change your stress habits in the future.

 #1. Write about your anxieties.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” isn’t always true, especially when it comes to stress. 

It’s often best to tackle anxieties head-on so that they don’t become bigger problems in the future, and so they don’t become a burden when you’re rushing and trying to get things done.

Keeping a “stress journal” can actually be an effective way of tackling your triggers and be the first step that will help you lay out a plan for confronting the things that are bothering you.

This not only helps you resolve current anxieties, but can be a helpful way of acknowledging patterns and help you combat stressful situations in the future.

#2. Cut the time-consuming clutter.

Difficulty in time management is the most frequent cause of stress, and for good reason.

We live busier lives than ever, and in our bustling world, it’s important to keep your head above water even in sink-or-swim situations. It’s crucial to prioritize your time for what’s most important.

You should always set aside time for relaxation, socialization, and experiences outside of work or school, for the perfect balance that is crucial for stable mental health.

Consider places where you might be using your break time ineffectively. We often think that we’re getting a good relaxing period off when we’re actually still participating in tasks that aren’t giving our minds a real break and take up more time than they should.

Though it’s tempting to want to revert back to only one episode of your favorite Netflix series, this tactic exhausts your mind and makes it harder to go back to getting your work done. 

#3. Change your environment.

There are plenty of simple ways to make a space stress-reducing, and a lot of those strategies are pretty cheap and easy to do.

Studies have found that manipulating our spaces for work and relaxation can have a huge effect on our emotional well-being.

This includes using aromatherapy, quiet music and changing the lighting to something more natural than fluorescent and bright.

If it’s a room where you have complete control such as a bedroom or study, consider looking into the ways that different paint colors and room layouts can affect our moods.

If it’s a temporary space, you can provide yourself with go-to-snacks such as gum and green tea, which have been proven to lower anxiety. Dressing comfortably can also make you feel at ease.

#4. Find social support. 

Everyone needs emotional support, and that’s necessary in times of intense stress or anxiety.

Having people who you can talk to in times of need can do a lot to help us cope with and recover from a stressful situation.

Knowing that someone is there for support can make a world of a difference, and is an effective way of venting while also calming down. 

Whether this is a friend, family member, counselor, or online support group, finding an outlet where you can get rid of that stress is helpful for leading a healthier and more productive life.

If stress is a consistent problem, getting a pet can be another option to help curb your anxiety. This way, you have an easily accessible go-to companion – no phone call required.

Regardless of what works for you, stress doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and become an emotionally-destructive force.

While stress is a natural part of being human, finding healthy coping strategies can help us achieve a better sense of confidence and reassurance.

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