The Blessings of Being in a Long-Distance Relationship


There is a negative connotation that hangs around long-distance relationships (LDR) that will hopefully be reversed in time.

While there are unique challenges that come with an LDR, such as a need for coherent communication online, there are also unique advantages.

Here’s why long-distance relationships can be a blessing:

1. You have more time.

The biggest fear about LDRs is the time spent alone. However, the perception that you will be sitting in a dark room waiting for the time apart to be over is very detrimental.

The most successful LDRs are filled with outings with friends, binge-watching your favorite TV shows, cooking yourself fabulous Pinterest-style meals or just ordering out, and many more luxuries. I call this a luxury, because as we grow older, time becomes a precious commodity and we can only choose to spend it on certain things every day.

When you consider your morning routine, daily commute, work hours, and commute home, most of us only have about 7 free hours to spend and sometimes, even less. How do you choose to spend that time?

When you live with your significant other, it’s usually spent with them but when you are in an LDR, you can practice self-care and self-love.

2. You can work on improving yourself.

On the topic of self-love, there comes the responsibility of self-improvement. No one is perfect, but there is always something that we can do to make ourselves better.

Whether this means teaching ourselves to floss, working out more, reading more, or becoming an expert in your career field, using that luxury of time means the spotlight is on you.

Although changing habits while your S.O. is around is not impossible, you find it easier to do so on your own volition. Self-improvement may also include surrounding yourself with new, successful friends who will bring out the best of you and support your long-distance relationship.

3. You can focus more on strengthening the relationship.

A lot of your core personality comes from being so intimate with your S.O. Love is wonderful like that. You have shared habits, interests, and memories.

Each new challenge means consequently strengthening your core personality. It may not seem fun or worth it at times, but a diamond only becomes beautiful under pressure.

An LDR can help you sort through what is important and which petty arguments to leave at the door. By practicing prioritization, you can develop some habits that will help your relationship last over others.

An example of this is respecting your S.O.’s time and always calling them when you say you will. If you transition to a a same-city relationship, you may realize how important it is to keep your word.

As long as you are both on the same page about how long the LDR lasts and both stay positive rather than negative about the experience, you will find that it can truly shed perspective on the power of genuine love.

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