Color Your World! How Adult Coloring Books Can Help You Relax


The new craze this year has been adult coloring books. The finished results are seriously impressive, but they may have you skeptical about actually using them yourself. No one wants to waste time, right?

Well, art therapy is a common practice by many people as a way to relax and it’s proven to work. Researchers at John Hopkins actually recommend it as a supplement or as an alternative to meditation! Art therapy encompasses all types of art, attempting to bring out creative and emotional expression.

Adult coloring books have been popular with the mainstream crowd because they are easy to use and are typically themed with empowering quotes or beautiful patterns. Here’s what you need to know about them.

What are the advantages of adult coloring books?

The advantage of adult coloring books in the realm of art therapy is the satisfaction that comes with the finished product. While art therapy has its benefits, I can see how some people may get discouraged when their painting or craft doesn’t end up looking the way they want it to.

With pre-made lines to stay within, adult coloring books takes the structural aspect out of the image and only leaves the color choices up to the user. Trust me when I say that no matter which colors you choose, the finished product looks great.

In our adult lives, it’s overwhelming to have an extensive to do list that never seems to end. Actually finishing a drawing can give you an immense amount of satisfaction.

Are adult coloring books only for women?

Absolutely not! While one may argue that they have been manufactured for women, I can guarantee that there is no intention to keep the male gender from reaping the benefits of them. If there is some sort of stigma that is still lingering behind men using adult coloring books, that’s simply something that we will need to overcome as a society.

One of my favorite shops where I used to live in North Carolina first introduced me to adult coloring books, and the owner was on a vacation. Her husband was running the shop at the time, and he said he really enjoyed using them.

As they have become more popular, there are different themes that men may enjoy, such as tattoos, animals, TV show or movie themes, cities, landscapes, mandalas, and much more.

Where can I find them?

An adult coloring book can be found pretty much anywhere at this point, from grocery stores to craft stores to bookstores. The prices will vary from $5 all the way up to $20+. The less expensive books typically have flimsier paper, but it’s all about what fits your budget.

If you’re just looking for a quick fix, there are many free options online that you can print out at home. The one advantage of the pricier books is that they usually have perforated pages so you can display your artwork or even frame it.

One book will last you for quite a while, so think about it as a long-term relaxation investment. The most important part of adult coloring is to see it as a means of achieving inner peace and relaxation, not making a perfect picture. Happy coloring!

Featured Image: iStock

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