Treating the Weekend Like a Holiday


Life is better when we’re celebrating.

Our most looked forward to times, and hopefully our best times as well, are occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

They’re special days when we are with people we love, doing things we love and stepping away from the boring, ordinariness of our every day schedules and responsibilities.

We feel more optimistic, joyful, and happy when we’re taking the time to slow down, celebrate and do something different. While not every day can be a holiday, I strongly believe in finding something to celebrate in every day.

So here are is why and how to make sure you’re getting the most out of your weekend celebrations!

Why should you celebrate the weekend?

Saturday and Sunday are the two days each week we get that are free of work obligations and time demands. The weekend is the time we are completely free to fill how we like.

However, most of us fill these two days with errands, chores and dreaded social obligations that don’t really feel free at all.

Now, I’m not here to advocate this idea that we should get all of our errands and chores and dreaded social obligations done during the week, because I don’t think that is really possible or healthy.

But I am an advocate of the idea that we need to take more time out of our weekend to celebrate.

We should be using these days to start fostering this mindset that every day has something worth celebrating.

After all, the easiest place to start is the place where the least amount of effort has to be exerted, and finding success in the easy places results in a bigger chance of finding success in the harder places.

How can you celebrate it?

Celebrating the weekend can be as easy as a slow breakfast with a special coffee mug or planning a date night.

Celebrating the weekend can mean going to a yoga class with that one teacher you really love, or spending that extra hour reading or those three extra hours binge watching your new favorite show.

How you celebrate should be unique to you—some of us love going out and packing every minute of our day with people and activities, while others prefer to spend their holidays in a slower, more solitary way.

So pick one thing you love to do, whatever it may be, and plan time for it this weekend. Ample time. Don’t squish it between your 10am laundry drop off and your 11am brunch with your second cousin. Set aside a length of time to do something special.

Make Sunday feel like a holiday. Cultivate the mindset of celebration and enjoyment of the ordinary; begin your week feeling joyful and positive. Break the habit of just getting through and begin the habit of celebrating another one given.

Start with just the weekend and you’ll soon find yourself thinking this way every day. Begin with celebrating the weekend to end celebrating every day of your life. Make your life happier, more joyful and more looked forward to.

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