How Taking a Break From School is a Good Choice

Moment of relaxation

You’re probably familiar with the concept of burning out, and all of us have experienced it in one way or another. The irony is that we seek to avoid it, and yet we strive towards things that inevitably lead to it.

In the wake of the excitement and ignorance, we reach a point at which we question if it was all really worth the expenditure of energy. Shocking news: energy has a limit. Great news: it can be revived, again and again and again.

One such infamous environment where life seems to be sucked right out of otherwise young and assumedly energized individuals is college.

It requires quite a lot of energy, which seems to leave us faster than any other kind. Even if you’re not in college, you may understand the struggles of a student.

For type A people, taking a year or even just a semester off from school may seem like a waste of time. They may argue that it will just take them longer to graduate. There is stronger proof, however, that taking breaks leads to higher productivity.

Higher productivity should, naturally, lead to faster results. But it’s not just speed that these students desire; it’s quality. Here are some benefits to taking a break from school.

1. It can help sustain mental health.

Pulling your mind away from the stress of thinking and problem solving, at least on a very high level, even just for a little bit, allows it to revive itself and avoid falling victim to mental health issues that so often develop from anxiety and stress. Having either of those things won’t help your schoolwork in any way.

2. It can open up opportunities.

Not having classes can give you the time to commit to a valuable internship, save up money at a job, enhance a skill, focus on a personal project, or travel. In this day and age, these things can be just as important, if not more, to the pursuit of dreams as a degree.

3. It will bring you closer to people.

This is the chance to return home and spend time with family and friends, or perhaps to go on an adventure that you and your pal have been concocting, or even to network so you can gain some useful connections.

It’s very easy to put your social life on hold while in school, so taking a break can help you revamp it. Even if you’re an introvert, you still need people in your life.

4. It will help you make some decisions.

Decisions are a major part of our daily lives. When we have to make some important choices, it helps to not be distracted or overwhelmed by factors that demand our full attention.

Taking a break will provide you the time to re-evaluate and reflect on where you’ve been, where you’re going, and what you plan to do next.

If you feel the symptoms of burnout starting to creep in, then consider taking a quick break. You’ll find that even though you miss the joys of school, you’ll not only return refreshed but also re-impassioned.

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