The Key to Growth: Understanding Weaknesses


Our pathways to growth take different turns, but each of our journeys tend to follow the same kind of formula. It’s something that is absolutely necessary and altogether unavoidable. Where we usually fall short, or fail to start altogether, is at the beginning, the initial step. It can be that this first step is one we’d rather not face.

If you ever want to grow and change for the better, the secret lies with your weaknesses. They are just as much a part of you as all of your quirks, tastes, and habits. They may keep you from certain goals or opportunities, but they possess their own special kind of value.

That might not make sense, but when it’s broken down, then it can be easier to see how understanding weaknesses leads to growth.

#1. Recognize and acknowledge it.

There’s no chance of altering yourself if you don’t know what to alter in the first place. The first step is uncovering your faults.

The next is being aware of and acknowledging their presence and the kind of effect they have on yourself and on others. This is not meant to put you down or invite a pity party. This is to help you take the next step.

#2. Make peace.

Once you discover and know your weaknesses, you must make peace with them. This does not mean allowing them to stay put because you can’t help it. Making peace with your mistakes and shortcomings means that you accept that they happened and that it is okay.

The world will not end, and it can only become better, now that they don’t have any power over you. You can move forward.

#3. Focus on your strengths.

Just as positive reinforcement is a powerful training method, focusing on what you’re good at, will motivate us more towards our goal of growth. I’ve found that when I tap into my strengths, my weaknesses are overridden and snuffed out.

When it comes to overcoming weaknesses, it’s not so much a process of ridding yourself of them. It’s more of a process in allowing your strengths to overshadow them. It is easier to begin a good habit than it is to end a bad habit.

#4. Pursue new challenges.

This is the training ground of both strengths and weaknesses. Look for new opportunities to stretch your limit and ability. Be open to chances of failure. Find the kind of obstacles that speak to your weaknesses. Intentionally put yourself in positions that force you to go outside of your comfort zone.

Challenges birth the greatest kind of change. Their purpose is to strengthen the strengths and weaken the weaknesses. It’s extremely easy to shy away from challenges, but you can’t, not if you intend to grow.


During the process of understanding and overcoming weaknesses, there are many moments of self-doubt, burnout, disappointment, shame, and loneliness. Growing is never a painless endeavor.

The good thing, though, is that the greatest pain happens at the very beginning, and from that moment on, it progressively gets easier.

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