Staying Positive in a Negative Environment


When you go into a dark room and turn on the light, it makes everything in that room visible. Light has a way of shining on the darkest situations and circumstances, especially if someone is having a bad day or if things aren’t quite looking as UP as we sometimes would hope or think.

So, what about the light and darkness you hold on the inside of you?

All of us carry a lightbulb within us and no matter how your day may go or play out, you have a responsibility to handle that day appropriately. You have the ability to turn your light on or leave it off, and it’s a choice that can only be made by you.

I’ve been told that I’m a very positive person and have had people to come to me when they either want to smile, talk or need to be uplifted from a dreadful day. So I share the light that’s inside of me with them.

But, sometimes after I’ve given out so much light, there comes a time when my light gets dim and even dark sometimes.

Here are a couple of strategies that help me and can hopefully help you when your positive light suddenly stops working.

#1. Pray or Meditate!

Whether you’re religious or not, prayer and/or meditation can certainly help! When people are mean or have said something to me or about me that’s untrue, prayer is the first step I take.

It’s a meditation route that not only relaxes your mind but calms your spirit; it brings you back into focus and allow you to think before you speak and say something that will dim someone else’s light.

#2. Talk to someone.

Another way to stay positive is by talking with someone else whom has a positive mindset. I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve felt down in the dumps only to talk to someone to vent and they start talking about their negativity.

Choose your circle of friends wisely, because if you don’t have anyone that is able to listen to you or be there when you need a re-charge, then you might need to regroup and think about your circle.

You’re there for everyone else, make sure you have someone that can be there for you.

#3. Avoid negative news.

I can’t tell you how dreadful it is to turn on the news and see negative things – It’s not only depressing but discouraging. Not to be ignorant to the things that arecurrently going on in the world today, but there are times when you need a break.

That’s when I turn on some positive tunes on the radio or pop in a CD and sing. Reading positive things and positive quotes are also great re-chargers to having a positive day.

#4. Don’t change your stripes.

If you are a naturally positive person, don’t change who you are just because someone else chose to have a bad day. Not everyone is going to be positive and smile like you do, but that shouldn’t stop you from being who you are.

When you change to accommodate negative energy, it makes you negative. People are people and everyone is different, but don’t allow their differences keep you from making a positive difference in your life and the world.


It’s not easy sometimes to maintain a positive disposition in a negative world, but if you keep your focus and remain true to yourself, you will have a light that will continue to shine inside of you and just may serve as the source for helping to turn on someone else’s light.

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