5 Resources to Organize Your Digital Life


By now, our lives are very much integrated into the digital world. For some, it may mean everything: how they work, how they communicate, how they connect, how they create.

It’s very easy for our digital lives to become disorganized, messy, and confusing. It inevitably creates stress and becomes counterproductive.

Thankfully, resources have been invented to help organize your digital life, tried and true tools that can bring some order to what goes on in cyberspace.

1. Evernote

Evernote is, in basic terms, a digital notebook. You can write notes, save pictures as notes, clip web pages as notes, share notes with others, and practically anything can be a note.

The use of tags allows you to organize notes into categories. Having a mobile app is available, and it’s so simple to jot something down and have everything in one place.

2. Wunderlist

Just as Evernote is the digital notebook, Wunderlist is the digital to-do list. Tasks can be seamlessly sorted into lists, which can then be sorted into folders.

The due date and reminder feature ensures that you do what you need to do when you need to do it. Within a single task, you can upload a document, make subtasks, write notes, and even leave comments.

The best part? You can share lists, and suddenly team communication is quick and efficient; no need to send a million emails and texts and wait around for a coworker to see information in time.

3. Hootsuite

With social media making up a majority (or maybe all) of our digital lives, and having so many different accounts on vastly different platforms, it can get hectic. Hootsuite brings it all together in one place. But that’s not the coolest part. You can schedule posts ahead of time.

If there’s something you want to share on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn, you only have to write the post once and either post it right away or set up a time in the future to post.

You can also view every profile in one place, and if there’s a specific keyword you want to follow, you can set up a stream that will show you every post that has been posted with that keyword.

For anyone who does social media marketing either for their own business or for someone else, Hootsuite is their ultimate best friend.

4. Unroll.me

Our email accounts can be painfully overwhelming, but we really can’t do anything without it.

Often times, the overload comes from unwanted ads and subscriptions that we always delete without opening. Unroll.me showcases every subscription you have in one place to allow you to do a mass unsubscribe marathon. No more infuriating email ads!

5. Google Docs

There’s a number of document storing and sharing tools, like Dropbox, but the thing I like about Google Docs is that you can create the documents directly in it and then multiple people can edit a single document simultaneously.

Instead of sending stuff back and forth to each other after one person makes changes, you can eliminate that tedious, and annoying step.

Image: iStock

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