5 Ways to Find Your Inner Child


There comes a moment in your life where you should stop and ask if you’re living for yourself or if you’re living to the standards of society, by doing what is expected of you.

When we are children, we live to our own beat and as a child, you can see the excitement and beauty in everything around you. It’s to get that back! Let’s rediscover our love for life.

When we were younger we believed that anything was possible, our imaginations were endless. Our inner child knows the things we do not. Kids aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and they are among the most honest of humans and they aren’t afraid of much.

As you grow older, life starts to tell you that you can’t do this and can’t do that and due to this, we forget what it means to live instead of just existing.

Here are five things your inner child would like to remind you of.

1. Be honest.

Children say what they mean and don’t shy away from it.

If you’ve ever been around kids, sometimes they can say some funny statements, but they are often very true. Kids say what’s on their mind without fear of judgement.

If we were to follow suit and speak the truth without intentionally hurting someone’s feelings, we could create deeper connections with those around us.

Connecting with others gives us the chance to also understand them better.

2. Take the time to forgive.

Holding on to a grudge, anger or hate can darken your soul. It’s important to be optimistic in life, and when you hold in so much negativity, you can end up missing out on life itself.

Forgive and move on. Kids are able to see that life is much more enjoyable when you’re happy and not living in anger. It’s time to let go, and find the freedom in forgiveness.

3. Express freely.

When we don’t hold back, we have the chance to discover so much about who we are. Kids don’t hide their feelings. They love with everything in them and they make sure it’s known.

When you discover something new, don’t hold back, shout it out, and dance ’till you can’t anymore. When the tears roll in, don’t stop them. Expression of feelings is natural and healthy.

4. Create what you feel.

Somewhere between being a child and becoming an adult, we get lost in the humdrum life of being an adult. We don’t take the time to create anymore.

What happened to the imaginary world of make believe we once lived in?

Kids weren’t afraid of their creativity and didn’t question it. They followed their instincts and created whatever was in their hearts and minds. Children can find happiness in the simplest situations, and it’s time to bring yourself back to that.

5. Have fun!

The easiest out of all the things that children have mastered and one that adults have forgotten, is how to have fun. Climb a tree, roll around in the grass, or run ’till you’re all tired out.

Life has so much to offer us and somehow, we get stuck when we follow what is expected of us. We forget to take time to relax and live in the now.

Your inner child is always with you, and you just have to remember how to play again. Give yourself time to just be free.

Finding your inner child, can bring you to a happier and more loving life.

Image: iStock

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