10 Things That Are Surprisingly Fun To Do Alone

Unless you’re a natural born introvert who wants to be a hermit, being alone can be tough, and maybe a little boring. But sometimes, being alone can be a blessing.

Though relationships and company are very much necessary and desirable, there are just some things that inevitably make two’s a crowd. You can have plenty of fun on your own.

1. Go to the museum.

I thoroughly enjoy touring and exploring museums on my own, because with others, I often found that half of my time was spent looking over my shoulder to make sure I didn’t lose my companion, who somehow always ended up being slow.

And then when I did lose them, I could no longer enjoy myself until I played a little cat-and-mouse game to track them down.

Alone, you can take as long as you like, or just zip through your favorite displays. There’s no one that can complain to you if they’re hungry, tired or bored.

2. Watch a movie.

The idea of going to the movies by yourself might seem like a sad forever-alone type scenario, but it’s actually quite satisfying.

This is especially true when there’s a film you want to see but are too embarrassed to let others know you want to see it. Enjoy that guilty pleasure on your own!

3. Go to the bookstore.

Not everyone might consider spending a Saturday at the local indie bookstore as fun, so don’t bother with them.

Sit around and read all you want! Not to mention that it’ll be heavenly quiet.

4. Take a drive.

On a beautiful day, going for a drive with the windows down and listening to your favorite music can be so relaxing and rejuvenating.

Just make sure you go driving where there’s no bad drivers around, or at least hang out in the left lane of the highway.

5. People watch.

People can still entertain you even when you don’t interact with them! It’s especially entertaining for someone who writes (yours truly), as it provides great inspiration.

I like to find spots that are obscure and out of the way so no one notices me. You may sometimes feel like a clever spy.

6. Go shopping.

Though it may be helpful to have your mom, sister or best friend around to tell you if something looks good, more often than not, you can decide that for yourself.

Like the museum, you won’t have to worry about losing anyone or anyone getting tired or hungry on you.

7. Have a spa day.

Either in your own home or at a spa, treat yourself. Treating yourself without other people can offer some very relaxing thinking time that otherwise might be taken over by conversation with a friend.

8. Make or go out for dinner.

Try out a new recipe at home, or visit your favorite restaurant or café. Bring along a book to read if you’re worried about looking weird.

I often like to sit next to a window, which not only looks a little less awkward but also provides things to observe, which usually ends up being people.

9. Take a class.

Check out some local classes on a new hobby you want to pick up. In the process, you might make some new friends, which can sometimes be difficult to do when you’re already with friends.

10. Volunteer.

Doing good makes you feel good. When you take the time to give back to others, especially to those who appreciate it, you may never feel alone.

It’s also a perfect way to cope with any frustrations you’re experiencing in life, especially with relationships.


Being alone never has to be a lonely ordeal. If you are currently alone, take advantage of all the time and opportunity you have right now to do the things you can’t do once there’s someone else around.

Image: iStock

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