5 Things to Do to Be a Successful Writer


Although many enjoy the art of writing, it can be a challenge sometimes.

Writing, like anything else, is a craft. In order to get better at something, you must continue practicing their craft.

Even if you are a naturally-gifted writer, you have to continue developing and maintaining your skills.

Not everyone wants to pursue a career in writing, but for those who do, here are some tips to being a successful writer.

1. Write about topics you’re passionate about.

Your work will always be more interesting to read if you write about things you are enthusiastic about. On the other hand, if you write about something that you’re not remotely interested in, it’ll show in your work.

Whether it’s something you passionately love or hate, it always helps to write about things you are familiar with and something that will simultaneously peek your interest.

2. Start up a list of topics and always add to it.

Whether you write articles, novels, poems, or any other types of written work, this can’t be emphasized enough.

Anytime an idea pops into my head, I immediately jot it down in my notes app, and then I transfer it to my long list of topics on my laptop. Once I’ve completed an assignment, I check it off my list.

Adding to a topic list is a great method in relieving writer’s block by focusing on other ideas you might have. Remember, it’s crucial to keep growing the list so you never run out of ideas.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

A professor once taught me that the familiar is boring.

In other words, anything relatable or easy to comprehend is dull. He also argued that experimental works are to be valued because they make people think.

Many have an appreciation for the experimental, not only because it is challenging to read and fully grasp, but because thinking about its difficult execution contributes to its value.

Don’t be afraid to try and immerse yourself into this genre.

4. Share your work with others.

Not only is it important to have a second pair of eyes look over your writing, but it never hurts to have a second pair of ears to listen to what you’ve written.

Many writers, like some artists, keep their work private for varying reasons.

However, it might help to get feedback from family, friends, or even strangers. Consider attending open reading events so you can read your work to an audience and potentially build a fan base.

5. Be prepared for constant rejection.

No one likes hearing this, but in the writing field, you must have thick skin because you will more than likely have your work rejected by publishers consistently. Sometimes, people wind up self-publishing because the traditional publishing method is an extremely slow process.

If you’re truly passionate about writing, then don’t give up because publishers keep dismissing your work. You have to remember that publishers are basically paid to reject the bulk of the work they receive. It’s nothing personal.

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