5 Ways to Embrace Change

I find that as a collective we can become weary of change; it’s the fear of the unknown that follows.

I do not handle change well. It makes me anxious, uncomfortable and fearful of life, but what I have learned is that change is inevitable and even though we want to take notice, it happens all the time.

We can become complacent in our lives and have this desire to keep everything as it is, but I have found that when things are comfortable, that’s often when change is needed.

Complacency is an indicator that your energy has become stagnant. There is no longer a flow happening therefore you can develop blocked, dense, or even negative energy.

If you’re reading this and feel as though you may have old energy that needs to be expelled then I say this is the time to embrace change. Here are 5 ways you can do that.

1. Stop avoiding it.

Avoidance behavior happens often when fear creeps into our subconscious. We would rather stay in this happy little bubble that we have created for ourselves versus confronting it head first.

Change is going to happen whether we’re prepared for it or not so there’s no point in pushing it off.

Instead, welcome it with open arms. You’ll be surprised what comes into your life once you are no longer fearful of what’s to come.

2. Take time for yourself.

We often hear the phrase “treat yo’ self” but how often do we take the time to take care of our own well-being emotionally, physically, and mentally?

It’s admirable to care for others, but the best way to learn how to care for others is to give yourself that love you freely share with others.

3. Embrace this period of your life.

When change is thrusted upon us we have no choice but to become comfortable with what is ahead of us. This is your chance to learn something about life and inevitably about yourself.

When we accept and embrace it, the ability to come into your true self is more possible than you could ever imagine.

Use this time to be unapologetically you. Shed old beliefs and habits, and allow yourself to be open-minded and ready to take on anything thrown your way.

4. Don’t set expectations anymore.

In order to welcome change, I have found that you cannot know everything that is to come nor should you. When you start playing the game of “what if” or even “I hope,” it can set us up for disappointment.

By not having any expectations of what is to come, you can’t be disappointed, and all you can truly feel is an experience. As said before, it will be a learning lesson.

5. Accept change and simply say yes!

Nothing in life is permanent and if you’re like me, that is simply terrifying. But what I have learned, and have finally accepted, is that change is the best thing that could happen to you.

Change gives you the chance to meet new people, discover a new hobby, and it is simply a time for you to develop a completely new perspective on life.

Don’t refuse something that’s new or something you don’t understand. Instead, say yes, ask questions, and go out there and live your life!

Image: iStock

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