How To Deal With Rumors

Spreading rumors about others is one of the cruelest forms of bullying there is, and yet, it is probably the most common, especially during adolescence.

It’s inevitable for people to experience rumors being spread about them, whether it happens at school, amongst co-workers, or even within your own family and friendships.

While some can handle rumors with grace, it seems that most struggle with disregarding them. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for teens and young adults to give up their life due to the impact rumors have—a message the controversial show 13 Reasons Why conveys.

Here are some ways you can cope with rumors.

1. Remind yourself the bully is merely threatened by you.

Rumors typically start because the perpetrator is insecure of themselves.

Guys might tell other guys about their supposed conquests because they are seeking praise while girls constantly attempt to bring others down because they want to bring themselves up.

Rumors are hurtful, but it eases the pain knowing that they’re being spread not because they’re true, but because the other party is threatened by you.

2. You know yourself better than anyone else.

Self-confidence is hard to hold onto especially when rumors are spread about you, but having a strong sense of self is key. Remember that nobody can tell you or anyone else exactly who you are.

Rumors are called what they are because they are not facts. If you don’t believe what is being said about you, then it should be a little easier not allowing it to upset you.

Of course, having someone spread lies will infuriate any average person, but know that anyone who sincerely cares, won’t believe them.

3. Stay strong and turn the other cheek.

You should never get overly defensive or physically aggressive. Otherwise, people will only assume the rumors about you are true. Not only that, but you’ll also fuel the perpetrator’s ego since their purpose is to get a rise out of you.

If you don’t take things so personally, many will assume that the accusations are false. It is certainly important to stand up for yourself, but ignoring the drama and going about your day can be just as effective. With that said, put on your best face and don’t let them see they have broken you.

4. Don’t stoop down to the bully’s level.

Many people’s first instinct is to get back at the person who is tormenting them. However, seeking revenge is never the answer to this problem, because you would only be adding more fuel to fire.

Retaliating against the other party only means that you have become what you dislike. It’s never a matter of who started it first. It is about being the bigger person because that is the ultimate strength one can possess.

5. Remember, this too shall pass.

Although times of unhappiness may seem like a lifetime, it is important to remind yourself that it’s only temporary.

People will get bored and move on to next week’s gossip, so you won’t be in the limelight for long.

The relief you’ll feel once the attention is off you is one of the greatest feelings. Someday, you will probably look back and laugh at the senseless drama you had to deal with.

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