Positive Reminders for Women After Giving Birth

I am proud to say that I’m a mom. It is my name, relationship, and job description. I am proud to be a mom. It is what my body will tell you after being pregnant for 9 months, not pregnant for 8 months, then pregnant again for 9 months.

Whether you’ve done it once or five times, you should proudly say, you are a mom. And your body is the greatest gift you can give to your children.

If you are a mom, then you’re already downright amazing. But if you need to hear it a little more today, here are some positive reminders after baby, from real-life, kickass, totally confident, moms like you.

1. Keep a positive mindset.

Body image is something I’ve struggled with so I was definitely nervous for the post-baby body I’d see in the mirror once I gave birth to my son. To my surprise, even through all of the battle wounds & extra pounds, I’ve never loved my body more than I do now. It’s so empowering to know that we as women, are able to create & grow the greatest blessings & for that, we should be showing our bodies nothing but love. –  Kylie

If you’re a woman in this day and age, odds are you’ve looked in the mirror with some self doubt. But after giving birth, what is there to doubt? Your body, flaws and all, just created a perfect life.

Your body basically did the impossible, and when you look at that perfect little life you just created, your mind and body should be filled with nothing but positivity.

The best part about your body post-baby is that every time you see your child, it should be a positive reminder of the amazing that you are.

2. Mom strength is the new strength.

My new body, scars and all, isn’t just a reflection of my pregnancy but my strength as well giving me a new sense of confidence in my body after a baby. – Ashley

Name one thing stronger than carrying 30+ pounds inside your body for 9 months, then using the power of your body to birth the life you created. Got nothing? There’s a reason for that.

Every new mom is nervous for the labor and delivery part of their journey. But take it from me and other moms: whether you deliver naturally or via C-section, with or without medication, after it all, no body builder stands a chance against your strength.

As a mom after baby, when you look in the mirror, see yourself as the baby-building powerhouse that you are.

3. Count your blessings!

My body has changed from pre-babies to post-babies and for a moment I felt insecure until I remembered the blessing to be able to bare children. Everyday I am reminded of my blessing every time I look at my beautiful body that represents motherhood and smile for being a part of this journey.

– Daija

Every step along the way is a blessing. The miracle of becoming pregnant, the fortune of a safe and healthy pregnancy/ delivery, and the blessing of children.

If you’re ever feeling insecure about your body image as a new mom, remind yourself that you were fortunate enough to experience, what some women never can.

If you’re feeling unsure about the way you look in public, remind yourself that your little blessings see you as mom; beautiful, lovable, perfect mom.

They’ll remember the bedtime stories you read them or the songs you sang to them, not what size you were.

4. Majestic moms have tiger stripes.

My body bounced back so quickly after having my first, I was actually thinner than before I had him. I haven’t been so lucky the second time around and I’ve been so hard on myself for it. But today as I was trying on yet another bathing suit, I started thinking to myself “why?” I created two human lives and it’s only been four months since my sweet baby girl came into this world. Time to change my mindset and start practicing some self-love. And, ya know what? My babes are totally worth it. – Kelli

Having one baby is amazing and having multiple is even more incredible. It’s no wonder our bodies leave marks behind, to remind us of the tenacity we have as mothers.

Mothers can be found all throughout nature so why are we the only ones that judge each other post-baby? In the animal kingdom, a new ferocious mom is something to fear, and so should you be.

A few extra pounds, cracked nipples, a belly pooch, or tiger stripes, just like the big cats in the jungle, you bare those stripes with pride. I am a mom, hear me roar!


When my husband and I decided to get pregnant again very shortly after our first son was born, my body image didn’t even come across my mind.

The joys and amazement of motherhood are far more special than the marks our bodies leave behind. Your body is able to grow, birth, and nourish your babies, and your babies love that mom body that takes care of them, so why shouldn’t you?

Mom bod; its always in style.


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